Kirsten Hillman appointed Ambassador of Canada to the United States


(Washington) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promotes a person with international trade experience to become Canadas first permanent female envoy to the United States.

The Canadian Press

Kirsten Hillman, who is currently the acting ambassador to Washington, is officially taking place in the grand office of the Canadian Embassy on Pennsylvania Avenue, Trudeau announced Thursday morning.

Mme Hillman is no stranger to difficult negotiations with the country’s largest trading partner, having played a central role in the 13-month effort to negotiate a replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

More recently, it has worked closely with partners around the world in talks to ensure that the Canada-US border remains open to bilateral trade despite the global outbreak of COVID-19, Trudeau said in a statement. communicated.

“When we worked together to negotiate the new NAFTA, I saw the ability of Mme Hillman to defend Canadians and fight for their interests, “said Mr. Trudeau.

“She is a talented diplomat with exceptional skills and knowledge. Mme Hillman will remain a trusted advisor, friend and focal point in Washington, as well as our connection to Congress and the United States administration. I know she will be a good representative for Canadians. ”

Mme Hillman, who served as deputy ambassador from 2017 to 2019, has been the acting ambassador since the resignation of his predecessor David MacNaughton last summer.

Lawyer and specialist in international trade, Mme Hillman was Assistant Deputy Minister of Global Affairs Canada and was Canadas chief negotiator for the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

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