Lafreniere’s name will not be pronounced in Montreal


The next National Hockey League (NHL) draft will likely not take place in Montreal. And that of 2021 either.

This is information that was leaked by TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie on Thursday during the broadcast. JiC and Dave. So don’t expect Alexis Lafreniere to be announced at the Bell Center this summer.

“Even if there is a draft this year, the chances are immense that it will not take place in Montreal,” said Lavoie.

That said, the Quebec metropolis will host the selection session in the near future. His turn will logically come in 2022.

“We don’t know what kind of season we’re going to have next year,” said Lavoie. At the end of June, are we still going to play hockey? There are several imponderables. This is why the NHL does not want to compromise for 2021.

“So the logic is that Montreal will be the host in 2022. What is certain is that the NHL wants to come back here as soon as possible.”

The 2009 draft is the last to take place in Montreal. In the first round, the CH set its sights on Quebec striker Louis Leblanc with the 18th choice.

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