Lavillenie has found a new way to train


Aurélie SACCHELLI: published on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 8:00 am

Confined to his home, Renaud Lavillenie is not short of ideas to train. On Monday, he put his daughter to work again using her toys.

The Olympic Games are now officially postponed to 2021 and it is unclear when the outdoor athletics season will start this year. This does not prevent Renaud Lavillenie (33) from continuing to keep in shape in his house, where he is confined like all French people. The 2012 Olympic pole vault champion shares his training ideas every day since the start of containment with his fans on social media, and on the 8th day, he decided to use the toys of his daughter Iris, aged 2 and a half, to stay in shape. Bikes, truck, stroller, everything goes there, to make a good hurdle jump session … without hedges.

Lavillenie thanks the IOC

Between two offbeat videos, the French pole vaulter did not forget to thank the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee “for listening to athletes from around the world and thinking about the health of all”. “We extend the deadline to jump better,” he concludes. With such training, there is no doubt that he will jump very high!

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