Let’s Dance (RTL): Laura Muller no longer calls Michael Wendler sweetheart – photo raises many questions


Let’s Dance (RTL): Influencer Laura Muller no longer calls Michael Wendler sweetheart – a photo on Instagram now raises questions.

  • Let’s Dance * is the RTL * dance show where celebrities dance with professionals.
  • Laura Muller is the focus of the reporting – thanks to her relationship with Michael Wendler
  • In her Instagram story, the 19-year-old candidate now posts a photo that raises questions

Cologne – The love between Let’s Dance * candidate Laura Muller (19) and pop singer Michael Wendler (47) is currently being put to the test: some media companies are tearing apart “young happiness”, tearing with headlines like “Laura Muller and Michael Wendler: Everything fake? “ (news.de, February 15, 2020) new wounds almost every day.

Now Laura Muller of all people is fueling the bad separation rumors with a post in her Instagram story: Did the Let’s Dance asterisk separate from Michael Wendler *? No. Or is it? Extratipp.com * shines through the apparently perfect love.

Let’s Dance at RTL: Strong ratings thanks also to Laura Muller

Let’s dance is one of them major TV shows in Germany (TV: These are the best television programs on German television * – channels, ratings and moderators): The ratings of the last edition on March 20, 2020 prove this: 4.91 million TV viewers from the age of three watched the TV sets (16 , 5 percent market share according to quotenmeter.de).

Laura Muller is the media darling for the current season of Let’s Dance on RTL.

One of the success factors is the commitment of Laura Muller’s TV station: the 19-year-old Influencer from Tangermunde In Saxony-Anhalt it has already come a long way in her young years: became a friend of pop star Michael Wendler (the greatest German pop singer of all time *), dropped out of school on the Playboy cover landed, own Instagram challenge with nationwide attention (#wendlerchallenge) and of course participation in respected trash TV formats such as “Summer House of Stars” or “Pocher Vs. Wendler”.

Are Laura Muller and Michael Wendler lovers? You say yourself: Yes.

© TVNOW / Max Kohr

Let’s Dance on RTL: Real love between Laura Muller and Michael Wendler?

At the age of 19, the influencer earns a lot of money. At least since the Let’s Dance candidate gave her friend the brand new SUV RAM 1500 Limited worth $ 54,000 (“I love you”, “Schaaaaaatz”) and shared the whole world via Instagram: one thing has been successful in daily business Influencer is really a lot of money. How much is Laura Mulle’s feer? Here are a few assets of the 19 year old:

  1. Playboy shoot: Loud bild.de 10,000 euros
  2. Participation in Let’s Dance 2020: According to bild.de a six-figure amount.
  3. Influencer fee: Allegedly 5000 euros per post.

How bild.de reported, there should be an agreement between Wendler and Laura, similar to a commission contract. In plain language: If Laura makes money, Michael Wendler should make money from it, like this bild.de. Neither Laura Muller nor Michael Wendler have confirmed this so far. So the fans have to form their own opinion of how real the love between the TV couple is.

Let’s Dance: Laura Muller no longer calls Michael Wendler a “treasure” in Post

The Speculation about the love between the Schlager couple, who met at a Wendler concert in Berlin in 2018, does not stop. Now Laura Muller of all people is pouring oil into the fire herself. In her latest Instagram story, the 19-year-old is currently pushing that TikTok accounts her daughter-in-law Adeline Norberg and her friend Michael Wendler. But that is exactly what is causing questions. Here is the picture:

Laura Muller posted this photo on Sunday in her Instagram story. Her friend Michael Wendler no longer describes her as a treasure.

© Screenshot Instagram

background: The Wendler clan just got the app “TikTok” discovered for themselves “: Laura, Michael and Adeline have registered. The application now has over a billion users and has reached this value four times faster than competitor Facebook. Similar to Instagram, users record short videos that are then shared with followers become.

Laura Muller and Michael Wendler – fans have to answer questions themselves

Her friend’s new TikTok account can be seen on a photo of her Instagram story: Laura Muller usually likes to call her friend a “sweetheart”, but in the photo describes her closest confidante almost without emotion as “Micha” – is this a sign that the love between the hit star and the influencer is going through difficult times? At least the sentence sounds “Micha now has TikTok” pretty loveless.

In her latest Instagram story from Sunday, Laura Muller doesn’t mention Michael Wendler: No “I love you”, “darling” or other. Many RTL viewers are currently busy with another headline about the dance show: Jury boss Joachim Llambi wants to give zero points *, but RTL intervenes. Many RTL viewers are currently wondering: is Joachim Llambi leaving the “Let’s Dance” jury * because he is now getting his own show? The jury comments on Instagram.

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List of rubric lists: © TVNOW / Max Kohr (photomontage)

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