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Haute-Loire nurses are trying to structure themselves to counter the spread of the epidemic. The problem is that there is a lack of material and premises in a department which is clearly not a priority in the opinion of the Regional Health Agency.

For the time being, the Altiligerian department is not one of the areas severely impacted in France by the Covid-19. And even if nobody knows if the coronavirus will intensify in Haute-Loire, health services anticipate and organize themselves, including in the private sector. This is the case of liberal nurses, or 450 people in Haute-Loire, represented at the departmental level by two unions: the FNI (National Federation of Nurses) and SNIIL (National Syndicate of Nurses and Liberal Nurses).

A call for donations, a call for help

To set up this public health organization, the two unions in the department are not only looking for protective masks from donations from individuals or companies, but also storage rooms and volunteers to take care of all the logistics involved. to this important device. If you want to help of any kind, you can join the unions here: the SNILL and the FNI

Organization by sector

Their objective is to help the hospital service via dedicated Covid-19 teams by following three levers. Provide remote monitoring, set up home care, and intervene in a dedicated consultation center in the event of an outbreak of the disease. Different sectors globally attached to departmental hospitals are currently being structured like Craponne, well advanced in this protocol, but also in Yssingeaux with a room loaned by a doctor to store protective equipment. Langeac, Brioude and Le Puy are also in the planning phase. On the ponot basin “it’s all the more difficult for the moment to organize given the confinement “, specifies one of the SNIIL representative, wishing to remain anonymous.

Tours, yes, but with protective gear

The FNI states: “We exposed to the ARS (Regional Health Agency, Editor’s note), the organization that we were setting up in Le Puy and the department for dedicated COVID 19 tours and the sine qua non condition of obtaining protective equipment and a waste disposal circuit on their part. We asked for FFP2 masks, gowns, charlottes and glasses. It is our duty as a caregiver to engage in the fight against this virus. This is the essence of our profession. However, we cannot go into battle without our weapon: our standard protective precautions, to limit the spread of the virus. ” The first response from the ARS was a yes, but with a questioning on the quantities made available, the allocation having to be made only on the 3 sites of Brioude, Le Puy and Yssingeaux. The idea was then to store in cabinets with a designated referent. But on Wednesday March 25, the ARS specified that they would not have this type of equipment. “Hospitals have priority and here we are not in an intense zone“, specifies the SNIIL.

Looking for a place and volunteers

In front of this erected wall where all the attention is focused on the deeply affected geographic areas, there remains the call for donations for equipment. With this, it is necessary to find a storage room and volunteers to prepare the kits for nurses. “There is the management of the premises to be done by someone else because we already manage our tours and all the coordination on our free time, laments the SNIIL representative. So who will take care of the reception of the equipment and preparing the kits? “

COVID-19 dedicated tours in Puy?

For the time being, the profession is not ready to set up tours as specified in a letter by the FNI. “Unless we have the necessary equipment, treating suspect patients would be suicidal or even criminal. Without applying the recommendations in force, we will be all the more involved in the spread of the virus.”

Gilles Paillet

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