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After Milagros Leiva starred in a shameful incident after being intervened by full-blown law enforcement officers curfew and not make a mea culpa for calling a general to intercede for her, Magaly Medina issued a report recalling all the controversies in which the journalist was involved.

During the broadcast of her latest program, Magaly Medina not only continued to question Milagros Leiva and digging into the causes of his quarrel with Juliana Oxenford, it also reminded her of the occasions when she erred in sliding information that turned out to be not entirely true.

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Milagros Leiva criticized by Magaly Medina.

Using irony, the popular ra Urraca ’presented this report, which it called the“ General Record Milagros Leiva ”.

Subsequently, the report shows, for example, when he gave his opinion about the ampay that they made to Pedro Gallese leaving a hotel with Lucero Jara: “Now, if you do it (be unfaithful), do it well, well. Let him not know. Eyes that do not see heart that does not feel “, words that at the time harshly criticized Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina recalled all the controversies of Milagros Leiva.

Likewise, it was recalled that the communicator, in her times in ATV issued a document that allegedly involved the president Martin Vizcarra in illegal acts; In his following programs he assured that he was wrong:

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“I trusted that source. It is a source that I have for years. A big mistake and I offer my sincere apologies, “said the journalist at the time.

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Another embarrassing episode was when he assured Alejandro Toledo what Daniel Mora he had written an apology text to the nefarious Colina group. However, the ex-military man called her live to demand that she retract or he would sue her.

Also included was the time he acknowledged the $ 30,000 out-of-pocket payment to the former president’s former adviser. Ollanta Humala, Martin Belaunde Lossio, for him to give her a series of exclusive interviews, a fact that set her apart from television. However, at the time, Milagros Leiva would assure that America TV did not throw her out, but forced her to resign.

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Finally, the report reminds him of the times he cried before various events, such as the fact that Paolo Guerrero I got to go to World Cup Russia 2018, or some comments about Nicola Porcella when the infamous “terror party” happened in the first months of 2019.

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