Mar. 25, 1972 – LaBonte curses the curling nation Canada – sport after his lapsus



The World Cup final on March 25, 1972 wrote a bizarre story.

In Garmisch Goliath Canada met Skip Orest Meleschuk with David USA with Bob LaBonte. The Americans were close to the title.

Meleschuk needed 2 points in the 10th end to save himself in an additional end. In front of the last stone he lit a cigarette – and popped. Even today you can see that the US stone was better and the outsider would have won. But then LaBonte slipped after a jump of joy, fell and moved the Canadian stone with his foot.

LaBonte’s curse

A clear rule says that the teams must agree on the result after each end before they clear the stones. A formality. Actually. But the Canadians insisted that the result had not yet been confirmed. An additional end was played at 9: 9. It happened as it had to: Canada was still world champion a little later.

LaBonte cursed the entire Canadian curling on the ice: “Canada will never be world champion in the next 10 years.”
In fact, from 1973 to 1979 Canada remained untitled 7 times – the longest losing streak in Canadian men’s curling to date.

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