Mario Gotze on Hertha BSC? Michael Preetz reveals Klinsmann’s plan


Mario Gotze’s time at Borussia Dortmund seems to be running out – but does the 2014 World Cup hero have at least a future in the Bundesliga?

To SPORT1-Information, Bayer Leverkusen deals with the Gotze personnel – and the 27-year-old was also an issue at Hertha BSC.

Klinsmann wanted to guide Gotze to Hertha

As Hertha Managing Director Michael Preetz now reveals, Jurgen Klinsmann, in his time as Berlin coach, has unsuccessfully tried to get Gotze to move to the capital.

“As far as I know he tried Mario Gotze at least. But I didn’t get any feedback,” said Preetz in image-Podcast “phrase mower”. “I think it was with Mario Gotze that he simply couldn’t get him on the phone.”

During the past winter break, 2014 world champions Gotze and Julian Draxler were associated with the capital’s club. “I said to him: ‘Then give the boys a call,” said Preetz when asked about his reaction when the coach Klinsmann at the time brought up these names.

Preetz tops Klinsmann

The former national coach had resigned after only eleven weeks and had shocked the club with it. After Klinsmann’s resignation, Hertha followed suit SPORT1-Information no longer has a serious interest in an engagement by Gotze.

The Berliners had made a record shopping trip in the past transfer period and spent a total of 77 million euros. Lucas Tousart, lent back to Olympique Lyon, is coming to Hertha for the new season.

In a protocol for Klinsmann, which by the Sport picture had been published, the ex-coach was attributed a significant share in the change. “However, the share Jurgen Klinsmann can claim for the realization of this transfer is probably five minutes,” said Preetz.

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