Microsoft pulls the emergency brake because of the corona virus


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The corona virus continues to keep the world in suspense. More and more companies have to react to the new situation, and for most the crisis can have fatal consequences. Now Microsoft also has to take the first measures and, when developing Windows 10, shifts down a gear.

Corona crisis at Microsoft: No function updates for Windows 10 for the time being

The corona virus causes significant changes in everyday life. This ranges from the ban on contact to the lack of toilet paper in the supermarket. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube have also been affected by the crisis and have only taken measures.

Now Microsoft has got it too. Via the Message Center, the company announces that it will no longer provide functional updates for Windows 10 from May 2020. From this point on, only security updates will be delivered to the users. Function updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 SP2 will also be frozen for the time being. The report does not indicate whether this year’s spring update will be rolled out in time. However, it can be deduced from the 2004 version number that a release is planned for April. It remains to be seen whether this goal will be achieved. How long the update pause lasts is also not answered.

Microsoft gives the current corona crisis as the reason for the change in the update policy.

No updates for Windows 10: Patchday is not affected

After all, Microsoft’s Patchday, which takes place every other Tuesday of the month, remains. This ensures that users continue to receive security updates. The aim is to ensure that Windows users can remain “protected and productive”. Microsoft seems to assume that the Corona crisis will apparently continue to hold the world in suspense even after May.

Current information about the new corona virus can be found on the official website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

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