Mike Tyson beats Eric Esch at eWBSS heavyweight legends tournament knockout


This is how boxing fans know him!

In the quarter-finals of the “eWBSS heavyweight legends” Mike Tyson left no doubt about his class in the ring and Eric Esch through K.o. beaten in the second round.

In EA Sports’ Fight Night Champion video game, “Iron Mike” dominated the action from the start and sent “Butterbean Esch” twice on the boards in the first round.

If his opponent could get up again and then and continue the fight, the left-right combination was too much for Esch at the beginning of the second round.

The eWBSS legend tournament with Muhammad Ali

Tyson is in the semi-finals of the boxing simulation and will meet the winner of the fight between George Foreman and David Hay. This last quarter-final duel will take place on Thursday.

The first semi-final between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier will take place on Friday. The semi-final with Mike Tyson then rises on Saturday, and the final will take place on Sunday.

The fight between Tyson and Esch for reading in TICKER.

+++ Tyson in a hurry +++

Oha. That was fast. Tyson had his opponent on the ground twice. And the third punch combination was too much for ‘Butterbean’.

+++ start of 2nd round +++

Madness! Ten seconds are boxed in the second round. Then Tyson hits his opponent hard again.

+++ Esch already on the ground +++

Tyson already has his opponent on the boards for the second time in the first round, but Esch keeps getting up.

+++ The ideas of the two boxers +++

Mike Tyson and Eric Esch are now in the ring and are introduced. You are ready for a big fight.

+++ The results so far +++

Muhammad Ali defeated Evander Holyfield in the 5th round through K.o. and now meets Joe Frazier, who also knocked out his quarterfinals against Lennox Lewis in the seventh round. won.

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