Nancy: Banook participates in pharmaceutical trials against Covid-19


No truce in March for Banook Group. Cardiologist and founder, in 1999, of Banook Group, Pascal Voiriot finalized the opening of the capital at the beginning of the month to deploy its cardiac safety services for drugs internationally. Based in Nancy, this service company with 42 employees dispenses its expertise to pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechs in France and Europe, from the first clinical trials to the validation of treatments. It verifies that the molecules tested do not present cardiac risks.

As such, barely recapitalized, the company embarked on an emergency in the war against the coronavirus last week. It was selected by the hospitals of the Grand Est to manage the risk of arrhythmia and other cardiovascular pathologies in patients with Covid-19 and treated with the famous chloroquine or hydroxichloroquine, the hoped-for remedy against the virus.

Infectiousness skills

In full swing, the company has seen its turnover grow by 30% per year over the last three years to reach 8.7 million euros in 2019. The arrival in the capital of the Turenne group, now in the majority, should enable the company to strengthen its positions in North America, which already represents 25% of its activity, and in Asia. Banook Group set up a Canadian branch at the end of 2016 which employs four employees in Montreal.

Mobilized in several malaria or Ebola programs, the company has equipped medical sites in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa with electrocardiograms to receive data and measure the incidence of cardiac treatments.

Lorraine synergies

Remaining 100% family-owned until the start of the year, Banook Group did not communicate the composition of its new capital, which had hitherto amounted to 4.2 million euros. The Turenne group has mobilized its Capital Sante 2 fund to facilitate the transition between Pascal Voiriot, who will remain president of the group for at least two years, and a new team made up of three senior executives who are also entering the capital. The round table also includes Euro Capital based in Metz and the ILP fund in Nancy, to promote the group’s synergies with Lorraine research organizations.

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