News from 6.30 am – Coronavirus: an Austrian ski resort at the heart of the controversy


A ski resort largely at fault in the spread of the coronavirus all over Europe? This hypothesis is gaining momentum as health authorities in several European countries estimate that hundreds of people have been contaminated by Covid-19 due to the Austrian station of Ischgl, which has long refused to close its tracks.

Iceland first raised the alarm the return of 15 of its holidaymakers, on Saturday February 29, who tested positive for coronavirus after going skiing in Austria. Going up the chain, health authorities have identified an Ischgl bar, known for its apres-ski evenings.

A 36-year-old bartender infected with the virus is believed to be the source of the contamination. several dozen people. According to Peter Loydel, virologist and member of the Tirol crisis unit, “the bartender is a classic because he touches customers’ bottles and glasses, which then rub their eyes or mouth”. He believes that “you can’t do better as a source of infection“.

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Politics – From Mulhouse, where he was this Wednesday, March 25, Emmanuel Macron has promised “a massive investment and upgrading plan for all careers” in the hospital at the end of the coronavirus crisis.

Health – The situation of the health crisis worsens in France. The latest assessment of the epidemic shows 1,331 deaths, including 231 in the last 24 hours and 25,233 contaminated cases. An underestimated assessment since deaths in nursing homes are not counted.

Society – Due to almost total suspension of air traffic Because of the coronavirus epidemic, ADP will temporarily close Orly airport to regular commercial traffic from Tuesday March 31 at 11:59 p.m.

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