OBB are planning short-time work for thousands of employees


OBB boss: Can not cover costs with sales. 2020 will be “very difficult” economically for the Federal Railways.

Passenger traffic has almost completely broken down at OBB and freight traffic has also declined sharply. “This means that we have to register short-time work for parts of our company because we cannot cover the costs with sales,” said OBB boss Andreas OBB boss Andreas Mattha in an interview with the magazine “News” (Friday edition). Several thousand employees are affected.

“In passenger transport, we have a passenger decline towards 90 percent, and freight transport has also been going down significantly this week,” Mattha is quoted as saying. In traffic with Italy, the decline is “dramatic”, two thirds are gone. In the maritime cargo business there is a minus of 50 percent. And nationally, OBB is feeling the short-time work at Voest and the shutdown of car production across Europe. The number of passengers on the Postbus also fell sharply.

At the moment, the company areas in question are still being analyzed, according to Mattha. “But it is probably an issue in the bus and cargo area, in maintenance, in infrastructure and when moving.” He is still cautious about the number of employees affected – but says: “However, you can quickly get to several thousand in a company of our size.”

The Federal Railways are nevertheless trying to “continue operations as best as possible and keep Austria running with our infrastructure,” said Mattha. Passenger safety is guaranteed. However, the year 2020 would be “very difficult” economically for OBB.

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