Olivier Veran, “knotted throat”, separated from his children: how he keeps in touch


Olivier Veran is not confined to the same city as his children. Hard times for the Minister of Health, who is fighting in the war against the spread of the coronavirus.

This health crisis spares no one. Olivier Veran, the Minister of Health, is on the front line in the war against the coronavirus. The period was very dense for the one who was appointed only a few weeks ago, replacing Agnes Buzyn at short notice, who was embarking on the municipal race in Paris after the abandonment of Benjamin Griveaux. The new minister, who was a deputy for Isere and a neurologist, barely had time to take up his job when he had already to get down to work.

The covid-19 pandemic has already killed tens of thousands of people around the world, its epicenter is now in Europe. The epidemic is particularly deadly in Italy, in Spain, and the fatality rate in France raises a lot of concern.

Far from his children

France has been in containment since March 17, only travel to her place of work, when teleworking is impossible, for medical treatment, to make essential purchases or even to do a few activities, are authorized. Olivier Veran’s family has remained at his home in Isere, while the minister continues to work alongside the government and the head of state.

The separation seems to be a heartbreak for the politician. “It’s the only time when Olivier Veran’s throat ties, when he talks about his daughter and son, 9 and 6 years old., can we read in Paris Match this Thursday, March 26. He said goodbye to them on Sunday of the first round of the municipal elections, when he had returned to vote in Grenoble. The next day, he called them to tell them that he would not ‘come back down’ for a while. Confined to their mother’s house, they chat with him daily on video. They constitute the only part of his private life which he willingly evokes“, continues the weekly.

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