Olympics: Funding contracts continue despite postponement


Thomas Zajac also welcomed the postponement to 2021. The decision was also a concern for Austrias last medalist at summer games and other athletes. “Our plans and budgets are on the table until August 2020, we cannot currently assess what the coming year will look like, neither economically nor athletically,” said Zajac, who won bronze with Tanja Frank in 2016 before Rio de Janeiro.

While various competition calendars will probably not be there for a long time – and apart from question marks in personal sponsorship contracts – two of the most important sponsors in sport at home have now made a statement of support and the will to be flexible in an exceptional situation with Sporthilfe and BSG.

Thomas Zajac and Barbara Matz in Miami (Florida)

GEPA / Mathias Mandl

Zajac (right) and his partner Johanna Matz need to expand their preparation for the Olympics

Clemens Trimmel, Managing Director of BSG, told APA: “Nobody has to be afraid that current funding contracts will be canceled, as they are to a certain extent independent of whether games take place in summer 2020 or not. The athletes will continue to prepare optimally for the Olympics. ”

Sports Minister on the train

The cash flows until the end of the year are secured. However, future planning awaits a reassessment – also by the Ministry of Sports, which is recalculating individual budget items due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic also thwarted the plans of the BSG: Actually, the elaboration of the list of criteria for the coming (summer) funding period 2021-2024 would have been in progress.

Instead, one imagines new scenarios, an obvious one is the extension of the current funding period for summer sports. “The period is basically dictated by Mr. Werner Kogler, Minister of Sport, in principle an adjustment would of course make sense,” said Trimmel, referring at the same time to the winter sports cycle. As planned, this should continue until the end of 2022 and the Winter Games in Beijing.

“Decision as quick as possible”

The former professional tennis player Trimmel did not want to play through individual scenarios in the media. Until the “decision as quickly as possible”, he tries to provide the sports associations with security in the crisis and “keep their backs free in terms of funding”. The central message is: “Nothing is completely turned upside down. We will take care of that. “

Managing Director of the new Bundes-Sport GmbH Clemens Trimmel

APA / Herbert Pfarrhofer

BSG managing director Trimmel tries to calm down all athletes

The BSG currently pays 33.5 million euros in general professional sports funding (excluding OFB) to 59 professional associations. In addition, according to the Federal Sports Promotion Act, there are at least seven million euros annually, which are distributed “athlete-specific”. This squad is always nominated in autumn, the procedure should be maintained according to Trimmel.

Sports aid must be flexible

The support of sports aid is not dedicated and goes directly to the athletes. “We have communicated to all athletes that the grants – as they are currently classified – remain upright,” said Sporthilfe managing director Gernot Uhlir. A reassessment is available for winter athletes in April, for summer athletes in October.

“It will be more difficult for the summer. Some criteria will not be met, “said Uhlir:” We will have to be flexible accordingly and intend to do so. Sports Aid was founded to promote athletes. It’s easy in good times, but solidarity is more in demand than ever in these difficult times. ”

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