Police save 11-year-olds from loneliness with chocolate bread


“Sometimes the soul just needs something sweet,” with this sentence, the Central Franconian police report on social media about their unusual commitment to the 11-year-old student, who had to stay at home alone and felt lonely.

Policewoman calms the boy

As the police reported Middle Franconia on Twitter, the 11-year-old boy from the Ansbach area called the police headquarters this morning. His mother was out of the house and he felt lonely, the police said. The boy burst into tears on the phone. A police colleague was able to calm the 11-year-old with “a big heart and a lot of sensitivity”.

“#We stay at home is not always easy”

According to police, a patrol on site found that the boy was well. With the help of a bread with chocolate cream, she was able to put a smile on his face. The mother came home shortly afterwards. With “#wirbleibenzuhause is not always easy”, the police of Middle Franconia closes its report on Twitter about this somewhat different mission.

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