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A Peruvian police officer has unleashed more than a laugh on YouTube and other social networks, after a video depicting the hilarious scene he starred in as he patrolled the streets on the eleventh day of the curfew.

The funny episode was recorded in a video by a citizen who recorded the funny police message from the window of his house, and did not hesitate to share it through Tiktok, YouTube and other social networks.

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In the images, which already have thousands of reproductions, the police officer is seen standing in the back of a patrol car with a megaphone, encouraging people to comply with the mandatory measure imposed by the Government. However, the officer’s message ended ironically. It should be remembered that until yesterday it was not known whether the mandatory immobilization measure would be extended.

“Remember that there are only five days left for the president to dictate 15 more days of quarantine,” announced the police officer in the clip. viral from YouTube while riding a patrol car through the curfew hours.

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As expected, the funny message from this authority sparked more than a laugh among the residents. So much so that one of them was encouraged to record it to share it on different social networks.

Check out the viral video:

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The images of the hilarious episode did not take long viral during the last hours, generating various reactions and comments from YouTube users and TikTok, who spread the images flattering the sense of humor of the police, despite the difficult moment that is being lived in the country and the world because of the coronavirus crisis.

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