Prince Charles positive for coronavirus: Albert of Monaco “does not think” to be responsible


While Prince Charles has tested positive for the coronavirus, the royal family and the staff of the crown prince are trying to find out how he could have contracted this virus. And Prince Albert assures him: it is not him.

Let the one who contaminated prince charles denounces! On Wednesday March 25, the British royal family announced that the eldest son of Elizabeth II had tested positive for coronavirus. Since then, if the father of princes Harry and William has self-isolated in Scotland with his wife Camille Parker Bowles, who “has also been tested but does not have the virus”, his staff tries to find out who was able to transmit the Covid-19 to him, he who took several measures to avoid contracting it, such as not shaking hands and opting for the Namaste, canceling his trips and postponing his official trips. And a lot of suspicion has turned to … Prince Albert of Monaco.

Indeed, on March 19, the royal palace announced that Charlene of Monacos husband had also tested positive for Covid-19. But the latter assured him: it was not he who contaminated Prince Charles. “I met Charles on March 10, invited to a round table of his foundation, he explained to Stephane Bern’s microphone on RTL, relayed by BFMTV, Thursday, March 26. I never shook her hand. We greeted each other from afar. I don’t think I can be accused of having infected him, he adds laughing. But there were a lot of people in this convention center. He had other occasions to contract it “, he specifies.

Prince Charles “has mild symptoms”

Yes prince albert, who is now better, no longer has a fever but “cough a little more”, ensures not to have transmitted the coronavirus to prince charles, it turns out that anyone could have passed it on to him. But may fans of the royal family be reassured: “He has mild symptoms but is in good health and has worked as usual at home for the past few days”, said the press release sent by the royal family. However, to protect his loved ones, the son of Elizabeth II has a formal ban on leaving his home and seeing his loved ones. And even very worried about his father’s health, Prince Harry, now in Canada, has received a formal ban on coming to Great Britain to see him. By order of Meghan Markle.

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