Prince Harry: Can’t he see his sick father?


Prince Charles was infected with the corona virus. And Prince Harry is said to be very frustrated that he is currently so far away from his father.

Apparently Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) have no peace of mind against bad rumors in their adopted country of Canada. The “Daily Mail” now claims that the 38-year-old has allegedly prohibited her husband from traveling to the UK. The royal family had previously confirmed that Harry’s father Prince Charles (71) had contracted the corona virus. The 71-year-old is quarantined in his estate in Scotland and is said to have only mild symptoms.

Prince Charles tested positive for Corona. Click the video below for more information:

He tested positive for Corona

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Prince Harry is said to be connected to his father. He and Meghan are frustrated because there is nothing they can do to help. After their last appearances for the British royal family, the two moved to Canada, where they currently live on Vancouver Island with their ten-month-old son Archie. Another rumor from there is that there is a strict hygiene protocol for domestic workers to protect them against the corona virus.

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In the video below, an expert explains the dangers, risks and contagion of the coronavirus:

Dangers, risks, contagion - experts clarify

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