She puts a lot of makeup on her face to look different and the result amazes thousands [VIDEO] –


Drastic result. A viral video Facebook has left more than one netizen on social networks with their mouths open. A young woman shared a filming where she shows the radical look change she had after applying a variety of expensive cosmetics. The result of its ‘transformation’ has caused a great sensation in users.

It’s about the influencer Nat Lustosa, who used your account Instagram to spread your makeup viral. Immediately, Facebook users shared the publication that has become a trend in Mexico and the United States.

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As can be seen in the first minutes of viral video From Facebook, the woman applied abundant makeup on his face to hide imperfections. Then she used other cosmetics to paint her eyes and redefine her look.

The makeup have become the latest trend in social networks. The recent post has accumulated over a million views on Facebook and hundreds of comments from users, who admired the beauty of women.

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“What a beautiful little devil.” “I love his look.” “He is a beautiful makeup” “I was fascinated to see the radical look change that the woman suffered ”, are some of the reactions that the followers of Nat Lustosa.

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Finally, the girl appeared in a new look with a deep look and a red painted mouth. Here we share the video that has gone viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember that to see the images, all you have to do is slide each of the photos to the left.

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Woman undergoes painful treatment and has radical change of ‘look’

A YouTube has been shared video that has become viral and it has impacted thousands of Internet users, since it shows the moment in which a woman undergoes a painful treatment for, without imagining that she would have a drastic look change’. Recording quickly became trending in various social networks, especially in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States.

This is not the first time that a video about a beauty tutorial. The woman appearing with messy hair and very neglected face ended up becoming another by letting one makeup artist professional change your physical appearance.

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