Short films for young and old to watch as a family


Each year, the Short Film Festival allows one week to celebrate and promote this format of films in which France excels, as demonstrated by recent Oscar nominations.

A must for future film talents of tomorrow, the short is also particularly well suited to animation programs for young audiences, even very young audiences. However, confined to international festivals and a few late time slots on television, its distribution is still marginal.

Films downloadable and available for 7 days

Supported by the CNC, the fourth edition of the Fête du court-métrage, scheduled for March 25 to 31, intended to correct this lack of visibility by organizing screenings in nearly 5,000 locations in France. Never mind, the organizers were not discouraged and decided to keep the event online in order to allow the public to watch at home and with family programs bringing together several short films.

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It’s also a way to help keep the country entertained during this crisis and to keep people hopeful in life and in the future. “Explains Samuel Prat, general coordinator of the event. And if it may be a discovery for some, it’s good even if the important thing to remember is, when the situation allows, to go see the movies in theaters

To access the programs, simply register online on the site www.lafeteducourt and, thanks to the code provided, install a player via an application that will fill with films to download.

It may be a little long, but then the public can see or review the programs as long as they want without being dependent on the Internet for a period of 7 days “Continues the coordinator. At the end of the demonstration, on March 31, the reader, originally created to supply media libraries, hospitals and even prisons, will deactivate itself.

Programs mainly aimed at young audiences

Obviously the organizers had to reduce the airfoil compared to the initial programming. Of the 200 films announced, 60 will be available online with the desire to favor young audiences, in animation or in fiction.

Seven programs, adapted to each age group, are intended for them, from “Small and sturdy” for 3-5 year olds to “Even not afraid” for over 14 year olds, passing by “Rendez-vous contes! “For 7-10 year olds or” Union is strength “for teenagers. Four of them will also be offered on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

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Three other thematic programs “Let’s laugh a little! “,” Women of today “and” Where the world goes “, are available to older children.

Finally, the Talents short film program, intended to highlight future directors, will be scheduled on Twitter (@lafeteducourt) twice a day – at 12 noon and 6 p.m. – with a live screening followed by a master class. virtual and an exchange with Internet users. An original and original device to discover the Ladj Ly or the Maïmouna Doucouré of tomorrow. ” Our line remains the same: popular, demanding and diverse, assures Samuel Prat, but our programs are fun, enjoyable to see and above all shared with the family.

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The Cinéma du réel Festival online until April 5

The 42nd international festival of documentary cinema, Cinéma du réel, organized by the Public Information Library of the Center Georges Pompidou which was to be held from March 13 to 22 has been canceled. However, part of his selection of short and feature documentaries is still visible for a few days on different platforms.


The platform dedicated to the author’s documentary offers, until March 27, to broadcast the French selection of feature films and the international selection of short films then, from March 27 to April 3, the international selection of feature films and the French selection of short films. From that date, she will also put three Mosco Boucault films online.

The platform for festival-goers around the world offers free access to 9 films from the French selection until April 5, up to 200 viewings.

From March 24, in line with the festival, UniversCiné offers a wide choice of films from the out-of-competition program and the 2019 winners, as well as previous editions.

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