Smartphone: Samsung brings new camera functions for the Galaxy S10 series


Samsung has announced an update that will bring some camera functions of the new Galaxy S20 series to the top models of 2019. Both the Galaxy S10 smartphones and the devices of the Galaxy Note 10 series are to receive the update, the distribution of which should start in March 2020.

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So users of a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 can use the Single Take function after the update. This takes several photos around the triggering time and uses artificial intelligence to select what is supposed to be the best.

In addition, users of last year’s top smartphones will receive the improved night shot mode as well as the night time lapse shots of the Galaxy S20 series. Pro video mode with advanced recording options is also available for video recordings.

Gallery becomes clearer

After the update, the image gallery of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 can be grouped like images of the Galaxy S20 and hidden under an entry. This should make the gallery clearer. Users can select the cover picture of such a picture group themselves.

The quick crop function also makes it easier to crop images: If the user zooms in on a photo, they can simply press a corresponding button and the image will be cropped.

With Quick Share, content should be easier to share. An overview shows which of your own contacts is currently nearby; users can then exchange photos, videos or even larger files with them.

The update should be able to be installed wirelessly as usual. Experience has shown that Samsung distributes updates by country; It cannot be said when exactly the update will come to Germany.

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