Sony slows download speeds for PS4 games


In a post posted on all blogs by Sony Interactive Entertainment (the Japanese video games division) the company announces, through the voice of its CEO Jim Ryan, that it is taking measures to relieve the communication networks, which are very much in demand. time.Sony says it is working with all European Internet service providers to limit flows of its online services and therefore relieve pipes and bandwidths. This should allow those who can still telework to do so in good conditions, throughout the day and, also, promote a certain fairness between the players. Whether or not they have a good Internet connection.

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Sony therefore bluntly announces that players will be able to see the downloading of dematerialized games or updates slow down when they are repatriated to the consoles. Or they can be put on hold by the servers to better balance the load. The goal for Sony is to prioritize ” a solid gaming experience Rather than jeopardizing the balance of the network. He also enjoins his community of players to do ” what is necessary so that everyone can enjoy uninterrupted internet access ” For the moment, the servers that host the online games are not affected, let’s hope that remains the case.

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