Statistics on corona deaths: Northern Italians fear an enormous number of unreported cases


In Italy there are growing doubts about the official number of infected people. Several community representatives report because an unusually high number of deaths are registered in their cities. Apparently, many deaths related to the corona virus are not recorded at all.
In northern Italy, doubts about the official figures for the spread of the coronavirus are growing. More and more politicians and government officials are speaking up, who consider the official infection and death rates to be far too low. So far, only 31 deaths have been officially reported in Nembro near Bergamo, as Mayor Claudio Cancelli and the official Luca Foresti wrote in the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”. “Something about this number didn’t convince us.”

The two men continue to write that they have therefore compared the current figures with statistics on the average number of deaths in the community from previous years between January and March. “Under normal circumstances, the number of deaths should be around 35. But this year we recorded 158 (deaths), 123 more than the average.” The number 31 could not be correct.

According to the two men, there are similar abnormalities in other places in the region, especially in Cernusco sul Naviglio. There were therefore six times more deaths than appear in the official coronavirus statistics. On Wednesday, the mayor of the severely affected city of Brescia also raised the alarm that the number of infections and deaths was much higher than officially stated. Many sick people are at home “and we don’t know how they are,” said Emilio Del Bono.

Italy has officially reported more than 7,500 deaths and nearly 75,000 cases of infection, making it the most affected country in Europe by the pandemic. The official statistics only include deaths in hospitals and old people’s homes – those who die at home are not counted as pandemic deaths. The well-known Italian virologist Roberto Burioni also believes the number of infected people is wrong because infected people without symptoms are not counted.

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