Steve Kerr reveals his greatest moment at the head of the Warriors


January 23, 2015. The Warriors version Steve Kerr has still not won a single title, and Stephen Curry has not yet been an MVP. We are only at the very beginning of the “dynasty” and that evening, Steve Kerr will experience his strongest moment as coach: the 37 points in a quarter of Klay Thompson. It was against the Kings, and it’s just an NBA record, and one of the greatest achievements in basketball history.

It remains the most incredible experience I have had in six years of coaching, in terms of the connection between a player, the fans and what is happening on the pitch. Says Steve Kerr on NBC Sports. ” I’m not kidding, and I hope it doesn’t sound like hyperbole, but it was like a religious experience.

“This performance is above all that I have experienced as a coach and as a player”

That evening, in less than 10 minutes, Klay Thompson had scored 37 points in the 3rd quarter with a 13 of 13 on shots, including 9 of 9 3-point!

It was so incredible to witness a match where a player is at the top of his game, and he does so in front of 20,000 spectators who live with him, who want him like him, and his teammates too… This performance is above all that I have experienced as a coach and as a player. I never took part in anything like that. ”

However, Steve Kerr won eight titles, whether with the Bulls, the Spurs and of course the Warriors. He was at the forefront of the Flu Game and other exploits of Michael Jordan, but so he places Thompson’s 37 points above everything.

What I always say to everyone is that the strongest thing is that he hadn’t scored in the first two minutes of the quarter. There were nine minutes left and dust. Everyone said, “Serious? And I confirmed. This is how basketball fans are. They see certain things but do not pay attention to details. And the details is that this guy scored all of his points in 9 minutes and 45 seconds. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve witnessed in my whole life. ”

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