Strange punishment for rapid singers


The memorial march on the occasion of the funeral of rapid legend Fredi Korner has an aftermath for a fan.

On March 1st, Rapid fans organized a memorial march in honor of Fredi Korner. The rapid legend was buried and duly adopted by the green and white supporters. The march now has an aftermath for a Block West lead singer.

As the “Rechtshilfe Rapid” reports, the man is asked to pay 1,020 euros – this should be the fee for the deployment of 15 officers for almost two hours. The reason is a “grossly negligent exposing yourself to a danger to life and health” as can be read in the cost specification.

Most civil march of the past decades

The “Rechtshilfe Rapid” considers the legal view of the Vienna State Police Directorate to be “completely unacceptable” and writes: “The predecessor, however, has not exposed himself to any danger to life or health, nor did any other Rapid fan. The commemorative march was by far the most civilized Corteo that Rapid fans had made in the past decades. ”

The Corteo, i.e. the fan march, also took place long before the first measures to contain the corona virus. “While it is nice that the police care about the life and health of the predecessor, we will of course definitely reject the bill that was issued for it,” the press release continues.

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