Swift 5.3 will be officially available on Windows


Now that Swift 5.2 is finalized and available with Xcode 11.4, the development of Swift 5.3 is revealed. Apple’s official development language blog has posted an article outlining the motivations and goals for this minor update. A program in line with what has been announced for Swift 6 with in particular a major novelty on the supported platforms.

Originally created for the Apple ecosystem, Swift has always aspired to be a generic language, available on any platform. Its development quickly moved to the world of servers with a Linux version, officially supported by Apple for years. The next step has been announced: Swift 5.3 will also be officially compatible with Windows. This update will also be an opportunity to manage more Linux distributions, since only Ubuntu was supported until then.

We do not know more at the moment about the news to expect, or the release date. If all goes well, Apple should take advantage of WWDC in June to present a first beta of Swift 5.3 and we can expect a finalization in the fall. This schedule may be disrupted due to containment.

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