Swisscom to detect crowds via …


At the request of the Confederation, Swisscom will detect crowds via mobile phones. The operator will communicate with the federal authorities when 20 natives are in a 100 by 100 meter space.

Due to the pandemic, gatherings of more than five people in public space have been prohibited since last Saturday. To enforce this measure, Berne is ramping up and involving Swisscom in the maneuver.

Only in public spaces

Data from SIM cards will not be communicated directly to the Federal Office of Public Health, but with a 24-hour delay, Christian Neuhaus told Keystone-ATS, referring to information published on the website of the newspaper Le Time Wednesday.

These analyzes will only be carried out in public spaces. Residential buildings such as business premises are not affected.

Only a few people from the OFSP have access to the data now transmitted by Swisscom. These are fully anonymized. Thus neither the identity of people, nor the displacement profile will be traced or transmitted, affirms the blue giant.

Both the Confederation and Swisscom rely on current legislation linked to the pandemic. This information cannot be used for other purposes or be combined with other data, including in criminal proceedings, according to the operator.

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