Switzerland reports record number of new Covid 19 cases


The spread of the corona virus is particularly dramatic in Italy. More and more people are also falling ill in Switzerland. In relation to the population, as many cases have now been reported as nowhere else.

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More coronavirus cases per inhabitant were reported in Switzerland on Tuesday than in any other country. This is the result of data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which t-online.de has.

The data for March 24 show that 1,044 people tested positive in one day in Switzerland. In neighboring Germany, significantly more new financing was reported on the same day, namely 4,438. But more people also live here.

If you put the numbers in relation to the population, the situation in Switzerland is much more dramatic: 122 Covid-19 patients were added to every million people. Based on the population of 8.6 million in Switzerland, this is currently the highest level of new infections worldwide. In total, more than 8,000 people are ill.

In Germany, on March 24, 53 new people were infected per million inhabitants. Italy reported 79 newly infected people per million inhabitants on the same day.

There is a lot of testing in Switzerland

Experts have pointed out that compared to other countries, a particularly large number of tests have been carried out in Switzerland, which could distort the figures, reports “Welt”. Only the United Arab Emirates, Norway and South Korea had already tested an even larger proportion of the population.

Ticino, the part of Switzerland that borders Italy, is particularly hard hit. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) on Sunday, every 380th citizen is infected there.

Basel: A hospital battalion is in use in the Swiss city. (Source: dpa / KEYSTONE / Georgios Kefalas)Basel: A hospital battalion is in use in the Swiss city. (Source: KEYSTONE / Georgios Kefalas / dpa)

Criticism of response to virus

Germany’s neighboring country has been criticized in the past few days for reacting too late to the spread of the corona virus. As the “Neue Zurcher Zeitung” reports, the hospitals were not prepared for the emergency and had not created any supplies, such as respirators. Already in 2018, the minimal reserves were warned. The bigger problem, however, is the staff. There would also be a large shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland.

When asked by the “Neue Zuricher Zeitung”, EPFL researcher Marcel Salathe explained why his confidence in politics was “shaken”. “I have always assumed that we have everything under control in Switzerland, that we are prepared for all eventualities and can draw a corresponding plan out of the drawer, even in the event of a pandemic. But I had to recognize that I was naive in this regard was, “he said. Salathe emphasized that the experts had clearly seen early on what was coming from Italy. “From the outside, there was no impression that there was a political will to do everything possible to contain the pandemic.”

So far, 86 people have died of the virus in Switzerland, the BAG writes (as of March 24). There are already more than 16,000 deaths worldwide.

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