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The situation is clear: the Bundesliga would actually be in full swing shortly before the 28th matchday. But the stadiums remain closed, the DFL has suspended the game. When will it go on? Nobody can say that at the current time. Sky is also in trouble. After all, live sports and especially the broadcasting of the Bundesliga at the pay TV station is the big thing. If you want to watch your team’s games on TV, you can’t avoid Sky.

But: where there is no Bundesliga, there is no broadcast on television. Many subscribers are storming and sometimes leave extremely questionable comments in forums. Despite free film packages, many customers are not satisfied. They demand their money again and want to quit immediately. At least that’s the threat to Sky. But do you have a special right of termination if a pay TV station like Sky does not deliver the promised content? Even if it’s due to a pandemic like the Corona virus?

Special termination right: Sky evades

We asked Sky. “Sky Sports is in close contact with all of its partners in order to better assess the impact on the annual sports calendar. We are aware that the situation is developing quickly and are working flat out to continue to be able to provide our services to all of our customers, ”says Jacques Raynaud, Head of Sports and Media at Sky.

“A number of sporting events have been postponed but not canceled, so we expect to be able to show them when they have been rescheduled. So our live schedule will likely be different for a while. As soon as more information is available, we will continue to provide all of our customers with the latest information, ”explains Raynaud.

But what does that mean? At the moment, it seems that Sky does not want to comment on the topic of “special termination rights”. However, since it is assumed that the Bundesliga and thus the broadcasts of the games have only been postponed, everything indicates that you will not accept any special termination. But a lot also depends on the DFL. If the 2019/2020 Bundesliga season is canceled, the topic should be reassessed.

Will Sky compensate its customers?

As the pay TV broadcaster continues to tell us, you work closely with contractors to understand the implications. Until then, it was impossible to say what compensation would be appropriate for Sky customers. However, Sky has already had a first reaction, as we have already summarized here.

Special right of termination: that is what consumer protection says

In the UK, on ​​the other hand, Sky offers its customers to freeze their customer account during the corona virus break. As long as the pay TV broadcaster cannot deliver football and Formula 1, subscribers do not have to pay anything. Sky Germany does not currently offer this option. As the Stiftung Warentest reports, the same should apply from a legal point of view as to membership in the gym.

“The service cannot provide the booked services? Then the customer loses his right to use, the provider loses his right to request payment, ”says consumer protection. “If the customer has already paid for the whole year or even 24 months, they can request that part of the remuneration that is due during the Corona period be reimbursed,” they explain. Monthly subscriptions such as Sky Ticket can of course be canceled at the end of the current month.

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