The beard strongly advised against to fight against the coronavirus



The beard would not be particularly hygienic, especially during a pandemic.

The emergency doctor Patrick Pelloux was invited this Sunday March 22 on the set of BFM TV. The one who is also the president of the Association of emergency physicians of France took the opportunity to share a detail of hygiene which will undoubtedly not please everyone: “You must shave”.

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While being questioned by a viewer about whether “The virus could hold on a beard or mustache when you cough or sneeze”. The doctor replied without hesitation: ” Yes of course “. Far from wanting to sound alarmist, Pelloux clarified that “Not campaign against beards and mustaches but it was already recommended anyway […] beards and mustaches are very dirty “.

An affirmation to temper

While Pelloux is for the moment the first healthcare professional to position himself clearly on the beard in the context of coronavirus, The Obs asked a second doctor, Bruno Grandbastien. The president of the French Society of Hospital Hygiene thus declared “It’s a little bit excessive”. He refuses that we “Throw anathema on bearded men”.

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He pursues : “Bearded people should not be designated as carriers of the virus!” A well-groomed beard is no dirtier than regularly washed hair. On the other hand, it must be washed well when you take a shower, because it is true that the virus resists several hours on the beard as it resists several hours on a dry surface! ”

Especially for hospital staff

Bruno Grandbastien suggests that it is ultimately about “Basic hygiene rules”, which you must follow at all times. He said that Doctor Pelloux was right to insist on this point with regard to hospital staff. In several hospitals, men are asked to shave their beards so as not to negate the effectiveness of protective masks.

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A document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC), released in 2017, already indicated recommendations on the beard to adopt in times of high spread. Beards banned in Canada for health workers “For the effective wearing of safety masks”, because of the Covid-19.

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