The convertible of the VW T-Roc in the test: SUV for the summer


A really windy venture: VW does it T-Roc to the convertible. The compact SUV quickly brings summer feelings to life thanks to the folding top – just push a button. However, this always has a major disadvantage.

An SUV as a convertible – that’s new, at least from Wolfsburg. It combines the fresh air fun with the perceived advantages of the SUV: you sit a little higher and feel equipped with a robust body and more ground clearance for some excursion trips – even if it is the open one T-Roc not available with all-wheel drive.

A lot of fresh wind within seconds

The convertible brings a lot of fresh wind to a segment. Literally, because within nine seconds the fabric roof folds back, the view opens up to the sky and a breeze brushes your head. And figuratively, because there are now a lot of crossings between SUV and station wagon, coupe or van, but an SUV convertible is quite unique. Because apart from Range Rover with the Evoque, no one has ever dared to do so. And it sold so badly that it did not survive the latest generation change. The open one T-Roc but now comes at a time when the convertible range in the compact class has become thin. Because Ford, Peugeot and Opel have discontinued their models.

Peppier, but not so practical

What the T-Roc as a convertible offers more pep and zest for life, it loses its suitability for everyday use. Not only that the missing rear doors are a little more difficult to get in, but on top of that, you don’t sit spaciously behind. Incidentally, there are only two instead of the usual three seats in the back. The trunk also shrinks from 445 to 280 liters due to the folding top and now has only a small hatch instead of a large flap. Thanks to the split rear seat, you can also invite a surfboard or a pair of water skis. But with large suitcases, it is a little difficult.

After all, it is T-Roc one of the few convertibles for which there is also a trailer hitch. A bicycle rack can easily be mounted on it.

Equipment and drive as usual

The body of the T-Roc Convertible is largely new. But inside, the convertible uses proven technology. This applies not only to digital instruments, but also to online navigation and assistance systems such as automatic distance control with steering intervention or the parking assistant.

In view of the lower sales figures, VW has thinned out the selection of the drives properly. At least for the beginning, therefore, there is neither the 300-hp top model nor a diesel. Rather, two petrol engines have to suffice for the start: in the basic version, that’s a 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 110 hp and manual transmission (from 27,495 euros) and for at least 30,075 euros there’s a 1.5-liter with 150 hp. The convertible is the relaxed cruiser that surfs calmly on the country roads. After all, the 250 Nm are enough for a sprint value of 9.6 seconds and at full throttle, 205 km / h are possible – but even if all the discs are on top, it gets pretty drafty.

Except for the hairstyle, however, nothing is out of order. Because even with bumps, the convertible cannot be disturbed. The body is so solid that nothing creaks and rattles, and the chassis leaves nothing to be desired.

Open to new things

A convertible with an extended radius of action or an SUV with more air and joie de vivre? With the open T-Roc offers VW fresh air fans and SUV fans alike new experiences and brings a little summer freshness into everyday life. However, this should be worth an additional cost of around 4,000 euros to the buyer. Our photo show showswhat convertible fans can look forward to.

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