The distance of one meter respected at the Great Mosque of Touba (photos)


3/25/20 at 8:39 PM

The instructions of the Caliph General of the Mourides, Serigne Mountakha Mbacké are followed by letter to Touba. Inside the Great Mosque, the faithful respect the distance of one meter, recommended by doctors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Exception to prohibition

During this period of the coronavirus pandemic in Senegal, it is forbidden to come and say your prayers at the Grand Mosque of Touba. Henceforth, only the management committee of the mosque will hold the prayer behind the imam. These are the 5 daily prayers and that of Friday.

In accordance with state will

The day after President Macky Sall’s declaration that declared a state of emergency in Senegal, Serigne Mountakha gave the disciples “ndigël” in order to reconcile the imperative of distancing and the symbolism of the place of prayer.


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