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Good news for horror fans: The “most discussed film of the year” will soon be available in paid streaming, because Universal will release “The Hunt” on May 14, 2020 as VoD. A really strong and fun horror movie for home cinema!


“The Hunt” already has a very nice story behind it: the horror film devised by “Lost” creator Damon Lindelof should actually be released in cinemas in September 2019, but then there were three shootings in the US this summer that killed people with firearms.

With “The Hunt” kidnapping, abandoning and chasing other ordinary people in The Hunt, a wave of indignation broke out, even though no one other than the filmmakers had seen the film at the time – as “dangerous”, “inappropriate” , “Exploitative”, “sick”, even “glorifying violence” was called “The Hunt”.

“The Hunt”: In March in the US cinemas, in May as a stream

In the end, Universal rental took the theatrical release off the calendar and then announced a new release date for the USA in March 2020 in February 2020. “The Hunt” actually started in the US cinemas, but just before the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the USA broke loose at full force, the film could of course hardly make any money.

That’s why Universal announced very soon that it would be released as video-on-demand in the United States. And since the studio has already made other films affected by the corona crisis such as “The Invisible” and “Emma.” Available in Germany as a paid stream, it was only natural that this would also be the case with “The Hunt”.

Now it is officially confirmed: “The Hunt” will be released on May 14, 2020 in Germany as VoD. This is the original German cinema release date. If the cinemas are open again by then, a cinema release is still planned. Then there will be “The Hunt” in parallel in the home theater and on the big screen.

Worth it!

And whether as a stream or in the cinema: “The Hunt” is definitely worth it. FILMSTARTS gave the “most discussed film of the year” (Universal quote) 4 out of 5 stars and chief critic Christoph Petersen comes to the conclusion: “Iconic splatter fun for voters of all parties, the main thing is that you like it blatant and bloody!”

The FILMSTARTS review of “The Hunt”

In “The Hunt”, Crystal (Betty Gilpin) and a dozen other Republican rednecks wake up in a meadow next to a box full of weapons. They soon realize that they were apparently kidnapped by a group of super-rich liberals who are now hunting them. But Crystal knows how to defend himself and quickly turns the tables …

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