The Italian federation wants to end its season: “We must remain optimistic”


The president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) said on Wednesday he was determined that the Serie A season would come to an end, even if it was to end in August. *

“We will do everything to get the championships to the end, if necessary we will ask UEFA and FIFA to go beyond June 30 and play in July or August,” Gabriele Gravina told Radio. Marten.

“It is premature to think of a date, but we must remain optimistic, including for the health of the Italians and hope that the situation will end as soon as possible,” added the leader on a radio station.

All sports in Italy were suspended until April 3 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which also led to the postponement of Euro 2020 football and the Tokyo Olympics.

Last week, FIGC president said he hoped Serie A could resume the weekend of May 2.
FIGC president does not want cancellation

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday between representatives of the Italian League, FIGC, the players’ union, coaches and the government to assess the future.

Gravina has brushed aside the assumptions of canceling the end of Serie A or giving the title to leader Juventus Turin when the season was suspended.

“It would lead to an unpleasant scenario. I will continue to reject these options as long as possible, ”he said.

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