The Queens of Shopping in power … The channel is upsetting its programming schedule to satisfy Cristina Cordula fans!


M6 made the decision to reorganize its afternoon grid “because of the news and the difficulties caused by the health situation in France”, she informed.

It is no longer two but a Christmas TV movie that will be offered to viewers as it has been the case since Monday, March 23, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Partly the fault of unconvincing audiences (A superstar for Christmas, broadcast at 3:45 pm this Wednesday, March 25, recorded a score of 653,000 people, or 6.1% of the general public, and therefore almost half as much than TF1).

After A magical wedding, viewers were able to revel in front of the Incredible transformations carried out by stylist Charla Carter, cosmetician Lea Djadja and hair stylist Nicolas Waldorf. Then from 4.45pm, fans of the Shopping Queens will be able to meet Cristina Cordula for two hours … Enough to make people happy … a lot of happy!

The day of Friday March 27 will be divided in the same way:
2:10 pm – The magic of the family
3:45 pm – Incredible transformations
4:45 pm – The Queens of shopping – Special duel: Original with jeans
5:40 p.m. – Shopping Queens – Modern with pink and red

It is then Cyril Lignac who will take over with “Tous en cuisine”. Note that the culinary program had ousted, Chasseurs d’Appart from Stephane Plaza, for a few days …

The death of Albert Uderzo had also upset the channels’ programs

To pay tribute to the famous designer Albert Uderzo, who died on Tuesday March 24, the M6 ​​channel had offered a special Asterix evening in place of the semi-final of Beijing Express: All Stars.

It is first of all the animated films, Asterix and the domain of the gods as well as Asterix and the Vikings that the viewers found before the documentary: Uderzo, the ingredients of the magic potion, directed by Jean-Marie Pasquier at the for the 60th anniversary of Asterix and Obelix.


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