the Red Cross calls for donations


With its sWhether as couriers, paramedics or volunteers in patient pre-sorting centers in front of hospitals, the Red Cross is on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

“Hundreds of volunteer rescuers take turnst, day after day, at referral medical stations in hospital emergency rooms to support the hospital system. Most hospitals provide them with protective equipment, but the Red Cross must initially ensure logistics and have enough tents and basic equipment, including disinfection products, “ notes Nancy Ferroni, spokesperson.

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“The most urgent, in terms of rescue, concerns ambulances and their equipment”, continues Nancy Ferroni.

The Red Cross also did not drop its other activities.

Our essential missions of relief and emergency social assistance to the most deprived begin to be cruelly lacking in means “, explains Nancy Ferroni. “Each day our members work in the field with a sword of Damocles over their heads: will we still have tomorrow, in 3 days, in a week, the equipment necessary to continue“?

The Red Cross therefore calls for donations on the account BE720000 0000 1616 ou directly online at

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