the right gestures to adopt when shopping


The best protection is to respect the barrier gestures and to wash your hands between each manipulation.

This is one of the only outings allowed for many French people since the start of the containment put in place to fight coronavirus. But how do you do your food shopping without exposing yourself to the risk of contagion? Franceinfo returns to a few simple actions to adopt.

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Good gestures when you come home from shopping.
Good gestures when you come home from shopping. (JESSICA KOMGUEN / FRANCEINFO)

How to shop?

In normal attire. There are not enough masks anyway, and the gloves give a false sense of security. Better to wash your hands, or take hydroalcoholic gel, taking your food as usual, but taking care never to put your hand to your face, and standing more than a meter away from other customers and employees. It is also recommended to transport them in your own bag or shopping bag, cleaned by yourself.

How to pay ?

If you can, preferably with your contactless credit card, otherwise, normally, by all means (card, checks, cash), then disinfect yourself with hydro-alcoholic gel or wash your hands as soon as you return.

How to receive a delivery or an order?

In drives, you have to stay more than a meter from the employee who takes care of the order, and who in principle received the same advice. At home, the instruction is also to stay more than a meter from the employee responsible for delivering the order. He must leave it in principle on the threshold.

What precautions should you take when you return?

Be sure to wash your hands immediately upon return. Ideally, leave the food, excluding fresh produce, outside for three hours without touching it. When possible, it is also advisable to remove all packaging. Fruits and vegetables should be washed as usual, and the skin removed. And, after each manipulation, always wash your hands!

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