the somewhat crazy challenges of basketball players at Stade Montois in confinement


The basketball players of Stade Montois (Nationale 3) are like all the other basketball players of France, in this month of March: in confinement, because of the coronavirus. So they take care as best they can … and that makes for a pretty spectacular video contest.

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The first to draw was Alvin Goram. The club shared on its Facebook page a video where we see him at home, in the Paris region (he climbed up to get closer to his family during confinement), first dunker, then go back to his house and… mark a basket , blindly, from the other side of the building. Pretty.

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The answer came from Marc-Antoine Pawlicki, who traded the traditional orange ball for the latest fashionable luxury item: a roll of toilet paper. A few juggles foot and knee, then a “basket” without looking, in his back (and a garbage container). Not bad. But the most unlikely was yet to come.

It was then Romain Dupouy who went there from his video, where we see him marking a long distance basket … With a fishing rod. Would boredom unleash the imagination of the confined? It would seem.

“This is a way of giving news, of continuing to interact with each other, a cool way to say we’re still alive“, explains Marc-Antoine Pawlicki who announces, this Wednesday, March 25, a new episode, to track on his club’s Facebook page. “That one, it took me a little longer …”, he concedes. The first one I did in three or four minutes. ”

Time, precisely, athletes have plenty, right now. But even in confinement, the spirit of competition is still there. These videos, “it’s a little contest between us”, slides the Montois, who also recognizes that it was their counterparts from Real Chalossais who drew the first ones and made them want to get started.

Frustrated at having to interrupt the championship “when it became the most interesting” (Stade Montois is tied for first in its pool of National 3), Pawlicki and his partners just hope to give morale to their community. “It’s hard not being able to do sports, it’s very long. But we put things into perspective. It’s better to stay at home and wait until everything is in order. It’s better for everyone. “

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