the United States, the next global epicenter of the epidemic?


The number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus to the United States deeply worried. The country of 327 million inhabitants, which counts more than 70,000 cases, sees the number of its patients and its deaths increasing exponentially. Theepidemic now looks very different from what it was a month ago. At the beginning of March, with extremely limited tests, only 70 cases had been reported in the country, most of them linked to trips abroad …

However, “A very strong increase is to be noted in the United States with an increase of 13,500 cases in 24 hours“, said this evening, Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Director General of Health in France, Jerôme Salomon. Just a few days ago, the country officially counted only a few thousand sick patients Covid-19, about the same as in France. But the situation is changing very quickly.


United States: official death toll far below reality

The United States is already sadly the third most affected country, after Italy (74,386) and China (81,661 cases) on March 26, 2020. But what worries the most is that the number of people infected across the Atlantic is probably much higher than that known. The actual number of deaths would therefore be much lower than that declared.

In other words: the US could quickly become the new epicenter of the epidemic.

“The United States is becoming the first country in number of cases in the world,” said tonight on BFM TV Enrico Letta, President of the Jacques Delors Institute and former Italian Prime Minister.

Seventy to 150 million people could actually be infected in the United States according to a projection communicated to the American Congress earlier in the month.

More than 1,000 deaths are now linked to the coronavirus, a figure that continues to rise as thousands of new cases are reported every day. This Thursday, March 26, 2020 in the afternoon, at least 75,178 people in all states tested positive for coronavirus, according to a New York Times database, and at least 1,069 patients with the virus have died.

The death toll almost quadrupled last week. The most affected states are New York, New Jersey, Washington, Louisiana, California. But across the country, the number of patients is increasing very quickly.

Chart: Number of cases of coronavirus reported daily in the United States

Chart: Number of cases of coronavirus reported daily in the United States

New York State announced this Thursday March 26, 2020 thousands of new cases. When the first positive coronaviruses were reported in the New York suburb of New Rochelle, the authorities hastened to contain the epidemic. But it only took a few days for the virus to spread. Through accelerated testing, hundreds of new patients have been identified in Westchester County, Long Island and the five boroughs of New York. Dozens of other counties have reported their first cases.

On Thursday, the death toll in New York City from the coronavirus exceeded 380, by far the highest number of all states. Governor Andrew Cuomo has called for the closure of many businesses, urged retired doctors to return to work and asked the federal government for help in bringing more hospital equipment.

New York State is one of the most infected with Covid-10

As the map below shows, New York State is one of the most affected. Drastic containment measures were announced there on March 22 by the Governor Cuomo. This is the device: “NY state on pause”. From now on :

  • Everyone is invited to stay at home, excluding essential services.
  • All non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason is temporarily prohibited.
  • 52,000 health workers, including retirees and students, signed up to volunteer to be part of the state health force during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • All non-essential statewide businesses must shut down serving staff until further notice under New York State on PAUSE.
  • Tests are free for all eligible New Yorkers, as ordered by a health care provider.

Although New York currently has the most cases, other northeastern states have also seen their numbers increase rapidly. New Jersey now has the second highest number of cases in the country, surpassing Washington. More than 100 people are diagnosed every day in Massachusetts and Connecticut, dozens of new patients are diagnosed every day.

Map of the number of cases in the United States

Map of the number of cases in the United States

Towards an announced health catastrophe?

The world’s leading economic power has fewer beds per population than other countries affected by the pandemic with only one million hospital beds or 2.8 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. By comparison, South Korea is 12.3, China 4.3, Italy 3.2 …

As for to beds in intensive care, the country would have less than 100,000 according to the American Hospital Association (AHA) while in the opinion of the Ministry of Health it would take at least 200,000 to cope with a moderate crisis and up to 2, 9 million in the event of an acute crisis, since approximately 5% of the patients need to be hospitalized in intensive care.

Finally, the country only has 160,000 respirators (for more than 300,000 inhabitants). President Donald Trump recently advised state governors to organize themselves to obtain them without necessarily counting on … the federal government.

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