Trailer Life is Strange 2 demo is available


Trailer Life is Strange 2 demo available

Available in its full version since early December 2019, Life is Strange 2 decides to offer players to try this narrative experience for free thanks to the arrival of a downloadable demo on the different platforms.

Indeed, players can now download the latter on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Life is Strange 2 demo invites you to experience the beginning of the adventures of the Diaz brothers, Sean, a 16-year-old teenager and Daniel, a 9-year-old child. As a reminder, it was following the appearance of strange telekinesis power in Daniel, that the two brothers decided to flee and move away from their family cocoon.

Life is Strange 2 is a narrative experience of which we are extremely proud. We love Sean and Daniel, our new protagonists, and the socially relevant story based on prejudice, loss, brotherhood and the hope that comes alive in this game. We can’t wait for all players to try it. Jon Brooke, Studio Co-Director at Square Enix External Studios

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