Udo Lindenberg leaves the “Atlantic” hotel after 26 years


Even the “panic rocker” will panic: Udo Lindenberg has left the famous Hamburg hotel “Atlantic” because of the current corona situation. But how does he live there?

Musician Udo Lindenberg has been living in the noble hotel “Atlantic” on the Hamburg Alster for 26 years. The rocker lives in a private wing there, but also uses the hotel’s service. That is the end for now: Lindenberg has left the hotel.

This is how Lindenberg lives in the hotel

In the “Atlantic” the singer owns an entire private wing: three rooms on the second floor of the building. Lindenberg is even said to have been allowed to smoke in the hotel, as the “Zeit” reported. What he pays for rent is a well-kept secret. However, Lindenberg once called it a “good deal”.

In his domicile is not only his own cinema, but also a studio, where the rocker swings the brush instead of the micro cable. Because Lindenberg’s great passion besides rocking is painting.

Lindenberg has been a regular at the Atlantic hotel since the early 1990s. At the beginning of his residence, he invited so-called “secret councils”. These were friends and acquaintances of Lindenberg with whom he enjoyed celebrating.

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the singer has now moved out of the hotel. Udo Lindenberg’s manager confirmed this and said: “Udo is in a secret place to survive the corona crisis.” There the rocker wants to keep swinging the brushes. He is currently concerned with the corona virus and remains very at home.

The hotel “Atlantic” has existed for over 100 years

In 1909 the famous hotel “Atlantic” was founded on Hamburger Strabe An der Alster. In addition to Lindenberg, the five-star hotel has also attracted many other stars, such as Ben Becker, Ottfried Fischer and politicians such as Gerhard Schroder and Wladimir Putin.

The celebrity hotel is also very popular as a film location. James Bond was a guest there: Pierce Brosnan filmed part of the 007 flick “Tomorrow Never Dies”. Hugh Grant used the “Atlantic” for the presentation of his film “Mickey Blue Eyes”.

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