Udo Lindenberg moves out of his hotel apartment


03/26/2020, 07:29 a.m. |
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One topic just eclipses everything else: the corona virus. The pathogen spreads quickly. Several prominent personalities have also been infected or affected.

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The corona crisis affects a wide range of areas. Even those who are not directly affected by Covid 19 disease feel the consequences. Here you will find all information about the corona virus in relation to stars and royals.

March 26, 7:30 am: Udo Lindenberg moves out of the “Atlantic” hotel

The fact that the panic rocker lives permanently in Hamburg’s noble hotel “Atlantic” is almost as iconic as Udo Lindenberg himself. But now the singer is leaving his domicile with a view of the Alster. The reason for this is the current corona crisis.

Lindenberg has lived on the Alster for 26 years. However, the hotel had to close due to the current Corona location. Lindenberg could have continued to live in his private wing, but the hotel service would not be available, as “Bild” reports.

His manager comments the excerpt as follows: “Udo is in a secret place to survive the Corona crisis.”

March 25, 9:30 pm: “Living room” concert with Billie Eilish and Elton John in corona crisis

Music stars like Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, Alicia Keys and the Backstreet Boys want to give a charity concert in their own four walls during the coronavirus crisis. The British superstar Elton John will moderate, the artists appear alone in their living rooms and film themselves with their smartphones.

The one-hour cut of the event will be broadcast on Sunday on the US broadcaster Fox and on the radio. Musicians and spectators are encouraged to donate to emergency services working in the coronavirus crisis. Behind the campaign are the distributors of the “iHeartRadio Music Awards”, which have been given annually since 2014. The award ceremony in Los Angeles, originally planned for Sunday, has been canceled due to the pandemic.

March 25, 9:15 pm: Tony theater prices postponed due to corona pandemic

Because of the corona pandemic, the American Tony Theater Awards will also be postponed. The event, which was actually planned for June 7 at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, will be postponed indefinitely, the organizers announced on Wednesday. “The health and safety of the Broadway community, artists and fans is of the utmost importance to us,” said a statement.

The Tonys are among the most important theater awards in the world.

March 25, 8:45 pm: Prince Charles was infected with the corona virus – Harry and William reportedly found out about it on the phone

Prince Charles is the first member of the British royal family to test positive for the corona virus. In consultation with the government and doctors, Prince Charles quarantined in Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The 71-year-old, who belongs to the risk group due to his age, shows only mild symptoms and is in “good health”.

Like the British tabloid magazine “Hello!” reports that his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, learned of their father’s infection by phone.

March 25, 8.30 p.m .: Michael Wendler reports on concert cancellations

The “Egal” hit star has explained in a live video on Instagram that the Michael Wendler concert planned for May 2 in Oberhausen must be canceled. He is currently assuming that he will be able to catch up on the performance about four weeks later. However, it looks worse for his gigs in Mallorca: Wendler said that he would not be able to be on stage in Mallorca in 2020.

The 47-year-old announced this information on Instagram yesterday with a live video. The post said: “First live broadcast in 2020 with hot information.” As a result, some users had started wildly speculating – concert cancellations due to the corona virus were not among them.

March 25, 6:45 pm: Arnold Schwarzenegger donates a million dollars to Corona

Arnie “Terminator” Schwarzenegger donated a million dollars out of his own pocket to an organization that supports doctors, nurses and the like in the fight against the virus.

The “Frontline Responders Fund” buys important protective clothing such as latex gloves, surgical gowns or respiratory masks and delivers them to hospitals where this equipment is in short supply. Schwarzenegger writes about this Instagram: “I never thought much of sitting idle on the couch and complaining about how bad things are. I was always firmly convinced that we all have to do our part to improve things,” he said the actor. The Frontline Responders Fund was founded on March 24 and has raised over $ 3.4 million.

In the recent past, Arnie has often spoken out about Corona. So he explained among other things in a video from the pool – see above – that his fans should take the protective measures during the Corona crisis seriously.

March 25, 3:37 pm: “The Lion’s Den” filming stopped, special broadcast on April 1st

The shooting of the autumn season of the successful start-up show “Die Hohle der Lowen” will be postponed. On April 1st, the lions will answer their questions in a Corona special.

Because of the corona crisis, more and more TV productions stop shooting. This now also applies to the popular start-up show “The Lion’s Den”. As the broadcaster VOX announced in a statement, “In view of the latest developments since the weekend and the requirements of this production, we decided together with the production company Sony and our lions to postpone the upcoming shooting days for the autumn season and at a later date to catch up. ”

In the special edition of the popular founders’ show, the lions also ask audience questions. Fans of the show can send their questions to [email protected] And these may well be personal, as the Cologne broadcaster announced.

March 25, 11:43 am: Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus

Prince Charles has Covid-19. The Clarence House announced this on Wednesday via a spokesman. According to the communication, the Prince of Wales has mild symptoms and is otherwise in good health. He’s been working from home anyway for a few days now.

Charless wife, Duchess Camilla, had also been tested for the virus but was not infected with it. Both are now in quarantine at their property in Scotland.

Where the 71-year-old Prince Charles was infected with the virus is not known. However, it has recently been reported that he was in contact with Monaco Prince Albert. He is also suffering from Covid-19. Charles has had numerous representative appointments in public in the past few weeks.

Of course, there is also concern about Charles’s mother, the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, because both are risky patients in terms of age. But Charles last saw his mother before the incubation period. The Queen could not get infected with him.

March 25, 11:25 am: This is how Andrea Berg wants to help in the coronavirus crisis

Pop singer Andrea Berg and her husband Ulrich Ferber have announced that they will provide beds in their “Sonnenhof” hotel in Aspach, Baden-Wurttemberg, reports “Bunte”. “At the request of the district office and the Rems-Murr clinics, we have agreed to temporarily make a hotel wing of the” Sonnenhof “available as a bed reserve,” says the website of the inn. “We hope that together we can master this crisis and soon celebrate life together again in the Sonnenhof.”

However, the beds are not intended for the sick. They are planned for “people who, because of the situation after a hospital stay, cannot be admitted or returned directly to the local rehabilitation clinics, retirement and nursing homes.” But that is not yet concrete. First of all, it was an emergency plan, “which I hope will never have to be applied.”

March 25, 10:55 am: Cascada singer infected with Covid-19

The singer of the band Cascada, Natalie Horler, has contracted the corona virus. She told her fans in a video on Instagram: “I’m afraid I was tested positive for the corona virus.” She has a slight fever and headache, otherwise she is fine.

She still has to get used to the thoughts, but not much changes in her everyday life. “I’ve been in quarantine for ages anyway and will not leave the house for the next 14 days.” She hopes that her case will be “most likely mild”. At the end of her statement, Horler made an appeal to her followers: “Please stay at home!”

March 25, 10:42 am: Sarah Ferguson talks about “Mother Nature”

Sarah Ferguson, the former Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew, has posted a thoughtful post on Instagram. “Mother Nature sent us to our rooms … like the spoiled children we are,” she writes for a picture that shows a garden flooded with light. “She gave us time and she warned us. She was so patient with us. She gave us fires and floods, she tried to warn us, but in the end she took control.”

Mother Nature sent us to our rooms and when she was finished cleaning up, she had our chaos under control again. “She will let us out to play again. How will we use this time?” Asked the Duchess.

March 25, 8:33 am: TV Now offers free streaming

The corona virus crisis increases the need for information in Germany. The TV Now streaming service is responding to this. Live streams from the linear channels of the RTL media group are now available free of charge. This reports the portal “Quota Meter”.

The special offer runs until the end of June and can therefore be used by all registered free users via the desktop and the mobile page. The offer includes 10 of the 14 linear channels of the RTL media group. The pay channels RTL Crime, RTL Passion, GEO and Living are not freely available in the stream, reports the portal. Previously, the livestream of programs was part of the subscription package, which costs 4.99 euros a month.

March 25, 7 a.m .: Heidi Klum’s test result for coronavirus is available

Heidi Klum is not infected with the corona virus. This is her 14th day at home, Klum writes on Instagram for the hashtag “# covid_19negative”. The mother of four posts a photo of herself lying on a meadow under a blue sky. When asked by a fan how she was feeling, Klum replied: “Much better, thanks. I just have a bad cold and try to get over it.”

Many fans with Heidi Klum are happy about the test result. Ex-jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki and supermodel Naomi Campbell also leave loving comments.

Klum had announced in mid-March that she was lying in bed with cold-like symptoms and isolating herself at home. She had been tested on Sars-CoV-2 and was waiting for the result, she announced later. Klum’s husband, musician Tom Kaulitz, also didn’t feel good and did a test. But that was negative, as Klum and Tom’s twin brother Bill Kaulitz later wrote on Instagram.

March 24, 12:10 p.m .: Primetime music show for Mark Forster

RTL has the “quarantine flat share” with Jauch, Pocher and Gottschalk; Luke Mockridge has his own show on Sat.1, which is supposed to provide some fun in the corona crisis. Now Mark Forster also maintains from home. On Wednesday at 8:15 pm his music show “Live aus Forster Strabe” will run for the first time on Vox. The format will then be shown for two hours a week.

The pop star welcomes various guests to his recording studio – of course activated via video telephony. Among other things, Forster will make music from afar with Max Giesinger, Sido, Chris Martin or Rita Ora. According to the press release, Steffen Henssler, Martin Rutter and Matthias Schweighofer have also been announced.

March 24, 9.44 a.m .: Musician Manu Dibango died of coronavirus

Manu Dibango: The music star died of the consequences of the corona virus. (Source: imago images / Manfred Siebinger)Manu Dibango: The music star died of the consequences of the corona virus. (Source: imago images / Manfred Siebinger)

The world-famous saxophonist and afro jazz star Manu Dibango died at the age of 86 as a result of an infection with the corona virus. He apparently died early Tuesday morning in a French hospital.

March 24, 8:59 a.m .: Tim Malzer cooks for clinic staff

Tim Malzer, his restaurant teams and other Hamburg restaurateurs support the staff of the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf with free food. On Monday, pasta dishes and cakes were prepared and delivered under the motto “Cooking for heroes”. He posted pictures of the “Teamwork Deluxe” campaign, as Malzer calls it, on his Instagram account.

“Today was the day. Together with the team from the ‘Bullerei’ and Hamburg restaurateurs, we delivered our first portions to the UKE in the good news. Tomorrow it will continue,” explains Malzer the support campaign in times of the Corona crisis, which, by the way, exists in several cities in Germany.

The “Kitchen Impossible” star also writes: “If the canteen has just broken away or you can no longer take care of yourself at work due to the many closings these days, please send an email to [email protected] The whole thing costs you nothing, by the way, “says Malzer ‘s post on behalf of several Hamburg restaurateurs.

And there is another action by Tim Malzer. At the weekend he called on his fans to start a swearword tally at the “Kitchen Impossible” show on Sunday evening. For each swear word he said he wanted to donate 50 euros to the “Cooking for heroes” campaign, which he supported anyway. Now the cook reveals how much has come together. “Your numbers fluctuated between 18, 38, 53 and a few more. Because of my sometimes generous swear words tirades, I round the whole thing up to a flat 100, so that we have 5000 euros more in the pot for the” cook for heroes “campaign.”

March 23, 12:56 p.m .: Bond girl healed from coronavirus

A week ago, she announced her coronavirus infection via Instagram – now Olga Kurylenko reports from home quarantine and gives a very positive update on her health. “I am completely healed,” the Ukrainian-born posted under a photo with her four-year-old son Alexander Max Horatio.

According to the former Bond girl, the symptoms have almost completely disappeared after Olga Kurylenko had to deal with “high fever” and “severe headache” in the first week. “At the end of the second week I felt completely healthy. The cough has almost disappeared,” she said and continued: “I’m fine! And now I’m just enjoying the time to think about a lot of things and time with my son to spend.”

March 23, 12:33 pm: New cooking show with Nelson Muller in corona crisis

The entertainment industry is upside down: awards are given, shows take place without an audience. The broadcasters must become inventive and adapt to the current situation. It currently looks like this: The majority of mankind is at home and only rarely moves outside. Some of them now face the challenge of having to cook for their families every day.

ZDF has now organized support for this. Star chef Nelson Muller offers in his new show “Simple! Daily! Cooking with you!” daily dishes to cook with, as the broadcaster announced on Monday. From March 24th, the program can be seen daily at 12 noon in the ZDFmediathek and on ZDFbesseresser on YouTube.

March 23, 10:05 a.m .: Placido Domingo infected with coronavirus

The Spanish opera star Placido Domingo claims to be infected with the corona virus. “I think it’s my moral duty to tell you that I tested positive for Covid-19,” the 79-year-old writes on Facebook. He is in self-isolation with his family.

“We are currently in good health, but I had symptoms like fever and cough, so I decided to get tested,” said Domingo. The singer urged everyone to be very careful, to follow the instructions of the respective governments and to stay at home as much as possible “so that we can hopefully get back to our normal everyday life soon”.

Domingos home country Spain is particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis. There has been a curfew for a week. More than 28,500 cases have been confirmed nationwide, around 1,720 people have died, most of them in the Madrid region.

March 23, 8:01 am: Corona update by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson appear to be on the up after their coronavirus diagnosis. That explains the actor on Twitter. “We feel better two weeks after the first symptoms,” he writes there. He also calls on his followers to keep a distance from each other. Getting to grips with the virus will “take a while, but if we take care of each other, help where we can, and give up some comforts … this will pass too”.

How fit Wilson is again was demonstrated by an Instagram video. In it she raps to the song “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty by Nature and also writes: “You have to see it to believe it.”

Tom Hanks announced on March 12 that he and his wife had been tested positive for the corona virus. They are currently in quarantine in a house in Australia after being released from the hospital. The mime had traveled to Australia with his wife to shoot for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic. He is supposed to play Elvis manager Colonel Tom Parker in it. Production of the film was interrupted after Hanks’ diagnosis.

March 22, 11:12 pm: Reports: Convicted tartar is said to be infected with coronavirus

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who is in prison for sex crimes, is said to have been infected with the corona virus, according to US media reports. There was initially no official notification. Weinstein’s spokesman Juda Engelmayer was unable to confirm these reports on request from the German Press Agency on Sunday. Engelmayer said that the prison authorities have not yet informed them of Weinstein’s infection. Information from prison officials may have leaked, the spokesman suggested.

The newspaper “Niagara Gazette” had reported on the alleged infection of Weinstein, citing sources not named. An inquiry by the dpa to the New York prison authorities initially remained unanswered.

March 22, 4:03 pm: “A star” singer Nik P. has been infected with the corona virus

The Austrian pop singer is in quarantine in his home near Salzburg, his partner also has Covid-19. In a message to his fans, the “One Star” interpreter said he didn’t know where he got infected. He adhered to all official restrictions and was not in crisis areas.

“It’s faster than you think you’re getting infected – without you even noticing it at first,” he said. “Please stay at home, no longer go out unnecessarily and follow the prescribed measures!”

March 22nd, 1:15 pm: Top model Doutzen Kroes says Sorry for “Thanks Corona” video

Doutzen Kroes has apologized to her fans for a video in which she comments positively about the corona virus. “Thank you Corona”, the Dutchwoman had said and then praised the positive effects for nature. But many fans didn’t like that at all. The video was “disrespectful and totally inappropriate,” it said. Then Kroes withdrew the video.

“I want to apologize for that. It was not meant that way,” the 35-year-old asserts in a new video that she posted on Instagram on Saturday evening for her 6.4 million followers. The “Thanks Corona” video should actually be an inspiration, the model now explains. She wanted to change the negative into “something positive, something hopeful”. “I know that people die, that people live in fear, that doctors work around the clock.”

March 22, 12:30 p.m .: Rihanna donates five million US dollars in the fight against Corona

Pop star Rihanna sets an example in the fight against the corona virus. Your Clara Lionel Foundation has released a $ 5 million donation to help people and institutions during the Corona crisis. As “TMZ” reports, the money benefits various recipients.

For example, grocery stores that secure supplies to particularly vulnerable communities in the United States should receive a certain amount. Another part of the donation goes to doctors and nurses. In addition, a contribution to the research into a vaccine and the supply in countries like Haiti and Malawi are to be supported.

March 22, 10:30 am: Hollywood actress Debi Mazar infected with the corona virus

The US actress Debi Mazar, known from “Good Fellas”, has the corona virus. The 55-year-old announced on her Instagram account: “I have just been tested positive for Covid-19.” In addition to a picture of herself on the sofa, she wrote: “I’m ok!” Her husband and two daughters had symptoms like a sore throat, cough and mild fever about four weeks ago, but dismissed this as a simple cold.

March 22, 8 a.m .: “Selfish and goofy”: Cathy Hummels regrets panic reaction to Covid-19

Cathy Hummels announced a few days ago that Covid 19 cases had occurred in her family. Then she had quarantined herself and hers Participation in the ProSieben show “Beat the Star” canceled. But the wife of Mats Hummels regrets that she wanted to be tested directly for the virus.

After a phone call with her doctor, she understood how “selfish and stupid” her reaction was. “Only people with strong symptoms should take the test, because the test is symptom-free because I could be in the incubation period and the test would be negative,” said Hummels. Out of fear and panic she would have given an ill-considered and wrong picture of herself. “But it is now clear to me that the virus itself is not the major danger, but the overloading of our health system.”

March 21, 4 p.m .: Jamie Oliver wants to help with a cooking show

Necessity makes you inventive: celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is planning a new TV show in which he wants to show people simple cooking recipes during corona isolation. Channel 4 announced this on Friday on Twitter.

The first episode of “Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On” will air there on March 23 at 5:30 p.m. In addition to baking recipes or making pasta, Oliver will reveal cooking tips and some “ingenious tricks” in the kitchen, the tweet says. “It has never been more important to prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones,” quotes the British “Daily Mail” Jamie Oliver in a statement.

March 21, 12.45 p.m .: Oliver Pocher infected with coronavirus

After wife Amira Pocher announced in the middle of the week that she was infected with Corona, Oliver Pocher has now also been confirmed. As he announced on Instagram, he has the corona virus:

“I also have Corona, so my urgent call to all people … stay at home with your ass,” writes the comedian. Since his wife received confirmation that she was infected, the two of them have been in quarantine with their child.

March 21, 11:15 a.m.: US moderator Andy Cohen fell ill with Covid-19

The corona virus has overtaken the next celebrity: The US moderator Andy Cohen has tested positive. He is currently curing himself in quarantine at home. Work on his late night talk “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” had been suspended.

“I want to thank all of the medical staff who work tirelessly for all of us,” added Cohen. He also made an urgent appeal to his followers: “Stay at home and take care of yourself.” The 51-year-old moderator is the father of a one-year-old son.

March 20, 6 p.m .: Did Prince Charles become infected with Prince Albert?

On Thursday the Monegasque Prince’s Palace announced that Prince Albert had Covid-19. Now there is concern that other people may have contracted the 62-year-old. One of them could theoretically be Prince Charles. The British heir to the throne sat opposite Prince Albert nine days ago at a charity event in London, as evidenced by photos from the British “Daily Mail” among others.

Since the incubation time of the coronavirus can be up to 14 days according to the Robert Koch Institute, it is mathematically possible that Prince Albert was already infected at the time of the event. So far, there is no statement from Buckingham Palace.

March 20, 12:26 pm: “Tatort” filming in Berlin ended by police

A film team that was shooting a “crime scene” episode despite the spread of the corona virus has been warned by the police. The film people were found in Charlottenburg on Thursday, a police spokeswoman said on Friday. Around 35 people were involved in the shooting, many of whom wore mouthguards. The police have not found a criminal violation of the Infection Protection Act, so there was no report. Nevertheless, the team ended the shooting.

The Berlin “Tatort” team consists of Meret Becker as Chief Commissioner Nina Rubin and Mark Waschke as Chief Commissioner Robert Karow. However, it is not known whether this team really is involved.

March 20, 11.30 a.m .: RTL cancels live show for German TV Award

The TV gala planned for June 6, 2020 for the awarding of the German TV Prize at RTL is canceled. In view of the spreading corona pandemic, it was decided to cancel the award for 2020. “We are planning a major new service for 2021,” says the broadcaster.

Despite the cancellation of the TV gala, the founders asked the jury to continue their work and to decide on nominees and award winners as planned. The nominations for the 21st German TV Award will be published in May. The winners will be announced in early June.

March 20, 1 a.m .: Liam Gallagher wants Oasis reunification for benefit concert

Former lead singer of the British rock band Oasis (“Wonderwall”), Liam Gallagher, has proposed to his brother Noel that they should reunite for a benefit concert. “When that is over, we have to bring Oasis back for a good cause, come on Noel, then we can go back to our great solo careers,” the 47-year-old wrote on Twitter.

Whether his older brother Noel (52) will agree to this, however, is questionable. The two have had a violent argument for more than ten years. Noel once even referred to his brother as an “idiot” and said that every tweet by Liam was another coffin nail for the hope of reuniting the band.

March 20, 00:50: Cirque du Soleil sends almost all employees on forced leave

The Canadian circus company Cirque du Soleil sends almost all employees on forced leave. 4679 employees and thus 95 of all employees are affected, as the Canadian company announced on Thursday. Because of the corona virus, all 44 shows of the Cirque du Soleil are currently suspended worldwide.

The company had no alternative but to stop all its activities until the pandemic was under control and artists, employees and viewers were no longer in danger, the company said. The tour planning and ticket sales for the coming year continued.

March 20, 00.01: Shooting for “Avatar” sequels stopped

The corona pandemic is now putting an end to the shooting of the “Avatar” sequels. The next shooting phase in New Zealand has been postponed, Hollywood producer Jon Landau said on Thursday. But they will continue to work on special effects in studios in Manhattan Beach, California. In contrast to live filming, employees could keep a safe distance from each other. “Stay safe, Navi Nation,” it said on the film’s Twitter page.

For the planned sequels to his 3D fantasy spectacle “Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora” (2009), director James Cameron brings actors like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver in front of the camera. Cameron started producing four new “Avatar” films simultaneously in 2017. Targeted film releases have often been postponed. According to earlier information, “Avatar 2” will be released in cinemas in December 2021;

Due to the corona virus crisis, numerous film and TV productions have been put on hold in the past few days. Large projects such as “The Little Mermaid”, “The Last Duel”, “Jurassic World: Dominion” and “The Batman” are affected.

March 19 9:25 pm: Cannes Film Festival does not take place in May

The world famous Cannes Film Festival will not take place in May as planned due to the Corona crisis. The organizer announced on Thursday evening via Twitter.

The 73rd Cannes Film Festival was supposed to run from May 12th to 23rd on the French Riviera. US director Spike Lee is president of the jury, according to a previous announcement.

Various options were now being considered – one being a move to late June or early July. As soon as the situation in France and worldwide allows, a new date will be announced. At the festival, the Golden Palm traditionally waves as an award.

March 19 7:45 pm: Prince Harry’s “Invictus Games” canceled

Several years ago, Prince Harry, along with other supporters, launched the so-called “Invictus Games”, a sports competition for veterans. The games should take place in The Hague this summer. The organizers are now announcing that due to the coronavirus pandemic they will not be held in 2020 as planned, but will be postponed to the coming year.

According to the official announcement, an exact date has not yet been fixed. But one had envisaged May or June 2021. However, one must first check the availability of resources and availability.

Patron Prince Harry also commented on a video message about the cancellation of the “Invictus Games”. “It was a difficult decision for all of us, but it had to be made,” says the Royal. In the past few weeks, people had been looking for alternatives so that the games might take place in a different way. “But this decision is the safest option for everyone involved in the event and also for their families.” He cheers up the athletes by making it clear to them that they can be even fitter next year.

In the end, he once again draws attention to the precautionary measures that are just as important to contain the coronavirus – stay at home, keep your distance, wash your hands etc. Then explains: “We will do everything we can to accommodate you soon To be able to name the date for next year. ”

March 19 7:15 p.m .: Queen Elizabeth publishes statement on the corona crisis

The Queen has called on her compatriots to stay together in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. “In times like these, I remember that the history of our country was shaped by people and communities who have become one,” said the 93-year-old monarch in an official statement. More details about the royal statement, Is there … here.

March 19, 6:30 p.m .: Frauke Ludowig angry about corona ignorance

Citizens are encouraged to stay within their own four walls and to keep the necessary distance from each other in the open air. This is the only way to stop the corona virus. To many people, however, all warnings don’t seem to matter. Frauke Ludowig can hardly believe that. The presenter of the RTL magazine “Exklusiv” angrily turns to her fans on Instagram. You can see and read what she has to say in this article.

March 19, 4:15 p.m .: Prince Albert of Monaco infected with coronavirus

Prince Albert of Monaco: He was tested positive for the lung disease Covid-19. (Source: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images)Prince Albert of Monaco: He was tested positive for the lung disease Covid-19. (Source: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images)

Prince Albert was tested for the corona virus earlier this week. This follows from an official announcement, which was published on the palace’s Facebook page, among other things. The results are now available: The Monegasque Royal tested positive for the lung disease Covid-19. He is doing well and is in the best hands.

Namely in those of the doctors of the “Center Hospitalier Princesse Grace” in Monaco. Although he was not in the hospital, he was under constant observation and in constant communication with the doctors. He currently works from home. The letter does not mention his wife Princess Charlene and the two children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

March 19, 1.30 p.m .: Pop group Die Prinzen postpones tour

The Leipzig pop group Die Prinzen postponed their tour in the autumn because of the corona virus. Originally, the musicians around Sebastian Krumbiegel and Tobias Kunzel wanted to start the tour in the next week in Meiningen in southern Thuringia, as their concert agency announced on Thursday in Halle. A total of 22 appointments were planned by April. Now it should start in Bad Elster in October.

March 19, 12:00 noon: Musician Clueso appeals “stay at home!”

In a video for the Federal Ministry of Health under the hashtag #WirBleibenZuhause, the central task now is to protect the elderly, the weaker and above all the many employees in the healthcare system. What tips he has for the time in his own four walls, find out in our message on the subject.

March 19, 9:00 a.m .: Heidi Klum reports after her suspected coronavirus

“It all started with a shiver, I felt feverish, cough, runny nose,” Heidi Klum had told a few days ago in her Insta story. She also said, “I hope it’s just a cold. I’d like to do a corona test, but there just isn’t one.” But later she was able to get tested.

The test results are still unknown, but Klum has now published a new short clip in her Instagram story, to which she writes: “Day seven in bed and I feel much better.” She also shared a photo of herself in the fresh air with the statement “love” – ​​her husband Tom Kaulitz was tested negative for the corona virus.

March 18, 7:50 p.m .: Prince George and Princess Charlotte no longer go to school

Princess Charlotte and Prince George: William and Kate's children go to a school where suspected coronavirus cases have occurred. (Source: WPA Pool / Getty Images)Princess Charlotte and Prince George: William and Kate’s children go to a school where suspected coronavirus cases have occurred. (Source: WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Great Britain came late with its measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, but now it has consequences for Prince George and Princess Charlotte: their private day school, “Thomas’s Battersea”, will close shortly. The school asked all parents to take their children out of class by Friday (March 20), including the offspring of Duchess Kate and Prince William.

The little ones are taught online from home. “Because of the growing number of children and employees absent from school due to the coronavirus situation, London’s ‘Thomas’s’ day schools have decided to start teaching remotely from Friday, March 20th,” said a spokesman for the institute to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

About a suspected case at the school of royal offspring British media reported about a month ago – the school is only now closed. You can find out more about this in the video above.

March 18, 4:11 pm: Touching gesture by the Royals from the Netherlands

Many companies have already had to close due to the corona virus, people work in the home office. Healthcare workers, on the other hand, have their hands full. With a sweet video, the Dutch royal family has thanked doctors, nurses, nurses and Co. for their work.

King Willem-Alexander, his wife Maxima and the three daughters gathered on Tuesday evening on the balcony of Huis ten Bosch Castle in The Hague to applaud the helpers in the “fight against the coronavirus”.

To the short clip shared on Instagram, the royal family wrote: “Applause from King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and the princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane to everyone who keeps our country running to help them fight theirs Coronavirus and their commitment to the health of everyone in the Netherlands. ”

March 18, 2:12 p.m .: Katerina Jacob railing against ignorant people

Katerina Jacob is furious. The actress cannot understand the ignorance of some fellow citizens. The 62-year-old is breathing her anger out on Facebook.

“Don’t you get what’s going on in the world right now? It’s a pandemic,” she calls out to her followers in a video entitled “Lord, rain your brain” stunned towards.

March 18, 11.55 a.m .: Jens Spahn cancels his birthday party

On May 16, Jens Spahn will be one year older again. The Minister of Health is celebrating his 40th birthday this year – but not as planned in a large group. He canceled the party because of the corona crisis. “Niemandem fallt es leicht, seinen Alltag umzustellen und auf Dinge zu verzichten, die einem wichtig sind. Wir mussen alle mithelfen, dass unser Gesundheitswesen diese Herausforderung meistert”, lautet seine Marschrichtung.

Zusammenhalt sei laut Spahn generell das, was die Gesellschaft jetzt brauche. Er sieht die Corona-Krise auch als Chance fur das kunftige Zusammenleben: “Ich bin sicher: Wenn wir alle mithelfen, zusammenhalten und einander vertrauen, dann werden wir diese Krise bewaltigen. Und diese Erfahrung wird uns neu zusammenschweiben. Als Gesellschaft, als Nation, als Menschen”, so der Minister.

18. Marz, 10.24 Uhr: Danische Konigin Margrethe halt auberplanmabige Corona-Ansprache

Am Dienstagabend forderte die danische Konigin Margrethe ihr Volk in einer Fernsehansprache auf, sich an die Mabnahmen zu halten, um das Coronavirus einzudammen. “Ich kann verstehen, dass viele sich Sorgen machen, denn unsere Wirklichkeit steht Kopf. Das fordert uns alle”, sagte sie.

Königin Margrethe von Dänemark: Wegen der Coronakrise hielt sie eine Fernsehansprache und appellierte an ihr Volk. (Quelle: imago images/PPE)Konigin Margrethe von Danemark: Wegen der Coronakrise hielt sie eine Fernsehansprache und appellierte an ihr Volk. (Quelle: PPE/imago images)

Das Handeln jedes Einzelnen sei entscheidend fur die zukunftige Entwicklung. Menschen in dieser Kette werden sterben”, so die Konigin. “Ein Kind kann seine Grobmutter verlieren, eine Tochter ihren Vater, eine Frau ihren Mann. Freunde werden plotzlich nicht mehr da sein.”

Sie appellierte an junge Leute, das Feiern zu unterlassen. It is ruthless, unfair behavior. Sie rief abschliebend zu mehr Zusammenhalt in der Gesellschaft auf.

18. Marz, 9.35 Uhr: Johannes B. Kerner meldet sich aus hauslicher Isolation

Moderator Johannes B. Kerner meldet sich mit einer Videobotschaft aus der “hauslichen Isolation”. Seit er am Donnerstag positiv auf das Coronavirus getestet wurde, befindet er sich zu Hause in Quarantane. Auf Instagram beantwortet er die drei Fragen, die ihm seit Bekanntmachung seiner Infektion am haufigsten gestellt wurden. “Ich kann naturlich nur uber meine Situation sprechen und das, was ich erlebe, und wie es mir geht. Das hat keine Allgemeingultigkeit, sondern ist total individuell”, schickt der 55-Jahrige vorweg. Welche Fragen er wie beantwortet, lesen und sehen Sie hier.

18. Marz, 07.19 Uhr: “Big Brother”-Bewohner reagieren geschockt auf Corona-Info

In der Reality-TV-Show “Big Brother” sitzen einige Bewohner seit dem 10. Februar 2020 von der Aubenwelt abgeschottet in einem Container. Sat1 klarte sie bis Dienstagabend nicht uber die aktuelle Corona-Situation auf.

Doch jetzt war es so weit: Moderator Jochen Schropp und der Sendungsarzt teilten die Informationen den Ahnungslosen mit. Wie die Bewohner genau reagierten, erfahren Sie here.

18. Marz, 1 Uhr: Tom Hanks klagt uber Covid-19-Symptome: “Kein Fieber, aber Frust”

Eine Woche nach seiner Covid-19-Diagnose hat sich US-Schauspieler Tom Hanks uber die Symptome seiner Erkrankung ausgelassen. “Gute Nachrichten”, schrieb der Oscar-Preistragerauf Instagram. Nach einer Woche in Selbstisolierung seien die Beschwerden weitgehend unverandert. “Kein Fieber, aber Frust”, fugte Hanks hinzu. Schon nach kleinen Hausarbeiten wie Wasche zusammenlegen und Geschirr spulen musse er sich auf dem Sofa ausruhen.

Auch Hanks Ehefrau, die Produzentin und Schauspielerin Rita Wilson, ist mit Sars-CoV-2 infiziert. “Schlechte News”, witzelte der Schauspieler in seinem Posting. His wife would always win playing cards now.

Das Paar befindet sich derzeit in Australien, wo Hanks mit Regisseur Baz Luhrmann einen neuen Film dreht. Filming was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. Nach anfanglicher Behandlung in einem Krankenhaus sind Hanks und Wilson nach Sprecher-Angaben nun in ihrem Haus in Australien in Quarantane.

Seinen Humor hat der Hollywood-Star offenbar nicht verloren. Auf Instagram postete er am Dienstag das Foto einer altmodischen Schreibmaschine mit der Hersteller-Aufschrift “Corona”. Er sei mit einer Schreibmaschine angereist, die er einmal sehr mochte, scherzte Hanks uber die Namensgleichheit des Virus und des Gerates.

March 17, 6:48 pm: Nina Bott’s daughter explains coronavirus in a video clip

In einem suben Videoclip erklart Nina Botts vierjahrige Tochter Luna, wie sich Menschen vor dem Coronavirus schutzen konnen. In addition to her teenage son, the actress and presenter has two children of kindergarten age and seems to be doing a good educational job.

Tochter Luna kennt die Hygieneregeln und weib auch, auf wen und was sie besonders zu achten hat. You can find the video and the contribution to it here.

17. Marz, 17.15 Uhr: Jared Leto bekam nichts von Corona-Krise mit

The corona virus and its effects determine what happens in the world: there is almost no other topic on the radio, on TV and on social media. Jared Leto hat trotzdem nichts davon mitbekommen: Der Sanger und Schauspieler befand sich bis vor Kurzem auf einer zwolftagigen Meditation in der Wuste – ohne Handy und Internet.

“Wir waren vollig isoliert, hatten keine Ahnung, was sich auberhalb der Einrichtung abspielt”, erklart Leto nun uber Instagram. Als er am Montag von seiner Meditation zuruckgekehrt sei, habe er die Welt “sehr anders” und “fur immer verandert” vorgefunden. “Das ubersteigt meinen Verstand, um es gelinde zu sagen.” He therefore hopes that his fans and their families will be fine. “Stay in it, stay healthy,” he writes.

March 17th, 1:06 pm: First confirmed case in the European aristocracy

Karl von Habsburg, the Archduke of Austria, tested positive for Covid-19. Derzeit befindet er sich unter Quarantane. Der 59-Jahrige bestatigte die Nachricht gegenuber dem osterreichischen Fernsehsenders “oe24” per Telefon.

Archduke Karl von Habsburg-Lorraine: He confirmed that he had tested positive for the corona virus. (Quelle: imago images/Manfred Siebinger)Archduke Karl von Habsburg-Lorraine: He confirmed that he had tested positive for the corona virus. (Source: Manfred Siebinger / imago images)

“Es ist nervig, aber mir geht es gut. Es ist nicht die schwarze Pest”, sagte er. “Ich dachte, es sei die ubliche Grippe. Als mich ein Freund anrief, dass er nach einem Kongress in der Schweiz positiv getestet wurde, lieb ich mich auch testen.” The archduke praised the Austrian authorities for acting “purposefully”. He added, “Panic is inappropriate.”

17. Marz, 10 Uhr: Micaela Schafer: “Home Office” als Cam-Girl

Dadurch, dass viele Veranstaltungen durch Corona abgesagt werden, musste DJane und Model Micaela Schafer erfinderisch werden. “Meine aktuelle berufliche Situation ist katastrophal”, urteilte sie im RTL-Interview. “In principle, I’m almost unemployed.” Sie rechne damit zwei Monate nicht als DJane auftreten zu konnen und dadurch einen wirtschaftlichen Schaden von 25 bis 30.000 Euro zu haben.

Micaela now goes to the “home office” and works again as a cam girl. “Jetzt werde ich definitiv ofters Cam-Shows machen. Ich brauche immer etwas zu tun. Das ist total seltsam am Wochenende zu Hause zu sein. Ich war am Wochenende immer unterwegs.

17. Marz, 8.56 Uhr: Harry und Meghan in Quarantane

Noch bis zum 31. Marz sind Prinz Harry und Meghan britische Royals, danach legen sie ihre Amter als “Senior Members” der britischen Krone nieder. Doch die letzten Tage als Adelige werden die beiden wohl in ihrem Heim in Kanada in Quarantane verbringen mussen.

Sie flog vergangenen Montag nach dem Commonwealth-Gottesdienst nach Hause. Er soll ein paar Tage spater in den Flieger nach Kanada gestiegen sein. Both are currently said to be in their villa on Vancouver Island. Damit gehen sie einer Empfehlung des kanadischen Premierministers Justin Trudeau nach, der diese gegenuber allen, die aus dem Ausland nach Kanada zuruckgekehrt sind, ausgesprochen hatte.

March 17, 4:04 am: Tom Hanks leaves the hospital

The actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson left the Queensland hospital five days after a positive test for the corona virus, according to People magazine. The couple are now in a rented house in Australia, where it remains under quarantine.

March 16, 11:03 pm: New York’s famous Met Gala postponed due to coronavirus crisis

Wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie hat Vogue-Chefredakteurin Anna Wintour die Met-Gala in New York abgesagt und fur unbestimmte Zeit verschoben. Due to the “inevitable and responsible decision of the Metropolitan Museum” to close its doors, the fashion exhibition “About Time” and the associated opening gala will be postponed to a later date, wrote the head of the US edition of the fashion magazine on Monday on the website the Vogue. The Met Gala is New York’s top social event of the year and always takes place on the first Monday in May.

Die Chefredakteurin nutzte ihren Beitrag auch, um Kritik an US-Prasident Donald Trumps Krisenmanagement in der Coronaviruskrise zu uben: “Ich war, wie so viele von uns, entsetzt daruber, wie er auf die Pandemie reagiert hat. (…) Seine Unehrlichkeit gegenuber dem amerikanischen Volk und, was am schlimmsten ist, sein schockierender Mangel an Einfuhlungsvermogen und Mitgefuhl fur diejenigen, die leiden und sich furchten”, schrieb Wintour. Sie nutzte ihren Beitrag auch, um Ex-Vizeprasident Joe Biden zu ihrem bevorzugten demokratischen Kandidaten fur das Weibe Haus zu erklaren.

This year’s fashion exhibition “About Time” should run from May 7th to September 7th.

March 16, 8:05 pm: Actor Idris Elba infected with coronavirus

British actor Idris Elba is infected with the corona virus. The Hollywood star announced this on Twitter. This morning he received the test result, said Elba, who is known for the films “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw”, “Thor: Day of Decision” and the series “Luther”.

Elba explained that he was okay and had no symptoms of illness. Er lieb sich testen, nachdem er Kontakt mit einer Person hatte, die an Covid-19 erkrankt ist. Er befinde sich nun in Selbst-Quarantane.

Elba called for the pandemic to be taken very seriously. You should keep your distance and wash your hands often, he said. In addition, there are also people outside who are infected but show no symptoms. Transparency was particularly important in these times, the 47-year-old appealed to his fans.

March 16, 7.30 p.m .: Sara Kulka shares important message to toilet paper Horter

Die Regale in Deutschland sind leer geraumt. Toilet paper in particular is now difficult to obtain. An absurdity, says model and twin mother Sara Kulka.

“Germany is in a crisis situation and most people think primarily of their own ass. Literally, why else do all of them suddenly hoard toilet paper?” Sara Kulka writes on Instagram for a photo that she seems to be screeching with a roll of toilet paper on the Head shows. What the former GNTM participant has to say about the topic read this article.

March 16, 6:20 pm: King Willem-Alexander cancels his birthday party

The official party for the 53rd birthday of the Dutch king Willem-Alexander falls victim to the corona pandemic. The folk festival planned for April 27 with thousands of participants in Maastricht will not take place.

Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander: They are not coming to Maastricht on King's Day this year as planned. (Source: imago images / ZUMA Wire)Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander: They are not coming to Maastricht on King’s Day this year as planned. (Source: imago images / ZUMA Wire)

King’s Day is actually celebrated everywhere in the Netherlands. Every year a different city hosts the official birthday parade. The monarch traditionally shakes hands with many onlookers. The city council of Maastricht pointed out that the measures ordered by the government to contain the coronavirus initially only apply until April 6th. However, this had such serious consequences that the planned program for April 27 could no longer be implemented.

Shortly before the celebration was canceled, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima issued a statement expressing their gratitude to all compatriots involved in the fight against the crisis in a wide variety of professions. By Monday, 1,413 infections with the new corona virus had been registered in the Netherlands. So far, 24 people have died of the effects of Covid-19, the health agency said.

March 16, 4:00 p.m .: Coronavirus is discussed in “Lindenstrabe” despite the end of the shoot

Actually, the shooting for “Lindenstrasse” was finished in December, but the corona virus is still mentioned in one of the last episodes (episode 1,756 from March 15, 2020). When asked by the news agency spot on news, a spokeswoman for the series stated that this was “shot shortly before the airing of an already completed episode and subsequently installed at short notice”.

Murat chains himself to a tree and makes a virus joke: This is how she reacts Murat chains himself to a tree and makes a virus joke: “Lindenstrasse” is reacting to the corona crisis. (Source: WDR)

Murat, who chained himself to a linden tree in protest, said to a sneezing passer-by: “Hopefully not a corona.” The virus is also discussed at Helga Beimer. The background radio program shows that the schools are being closed. In this case, no new scenes were shot, “since there is no more shooting”. Es wurde nur ein Ton von Murat aufgenommen und eingebaut.

March 16, 2:15 p.m .: “Germany’s next top model” final takes place without an audience

Not a big live show at the end: instead of celebrating with thousands of viewers in a huge hall, the TV studio goes without an audience. A large arena is not possible this year due to the Corona crisis, according to a statement from ProSieben.

Heidi Klum finds this fact “super shame”. Nevertheless, you will “think up wild, big, crazy things so that the finale is a lot of fun”. In recent years, the finals have always taken place from mid to late May and have been held in huge arenas such as the Dusseldorf ISS Dome or the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen.

March 16, 12.45 p.m .: “Big Brother” educates residents about Corona

Abgeschottet in ihrer eigenen kleinen Reality-TV-Blase, Medien und Kontakte zu Aubenstehenden sind untersagt: Bis vor Kurzem hieb die Ansage von Sat.1 noch, dass die “Big Brother”-Teilnehmer nicht uber die aktuelle Corona-Lage in Deutschland und der Welt informiert werden sollten. That has now changed.

Bewohner, die seit Tag eins dabei sind, wurden ab dem 6. Februar isoliert. This is also your last level of knowledge about events in the world. On Tuesday, March 17th, at 7 p.m., the moderator Jochen Schropp and “Big Brother” doctor Dr. However, Andreas Kaniewski will inform the group about this live.

“You can then ask questions about it and get the latest video messages played by your relatives on the screen,” said a production spokeswoman for the show on “Bild”. Then the participants should decide whether they want to stay isolated in the “Big Brother” house or leave the show.

March 16, 12 noon: filming of “Mission: Impossible 7” canceled

Actor Tom Cruise is filming the current, seventh part of “Mission: Impossible” no longer return to Italy. Production has been canceled due to the spread of the corona virus in Italy, reports “The Sun”. Now, according to the report, the set of an Italian city in Great Britain has been built.

16. Marz, 11.30 Uhr: Bond-Girl Olga Kurylenko an Covid-19 erkrankt

chauspielerin Olga Kurylenko wurde positiv auf das Coronavirus getestet. She is currently in quarantine at home, wie sie bei Instagram schrieb. “I’ve actually been sick for a week. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms,” she writes.

She warns her fans not to take this virus lightly and take care of herself. The actress became known as the Bond Girl in the 007 flick “A Quantum of Solace”.

March 16, 8:45 am: Despite the corona crisis, 50 cents celebrate exuberantly in the strip club

The world is going down, 50 cents turn up: The rapper celebrated a party in a New York strip club at the weekend. Alle Warnungen bezuglich der Ausbreitungsgefahren des Coronavirus ignorierte er. In the club in the borough of Queens tanzt der Musiker eng gedrangt mit anderen Gasten und wirft dabei zahlreiche Dollar-Scheine in Richtung der Stripperinnen.

Derweil herrscht Endzeitstimmung in New York: Bars, Restaurants und Cafes wurden vorerst weitgehend geschlossen bleiben, kundigten die Behorden am Sonntag (Ortszeit) an. Ab Dienstagmorgen um 9 Uhr (14 Uhr MEZ) werden zudem Nachtklubs, Kinos und andere Veranstaltungsorte schlieben – 50 Cent kam dem Partyverbot also gerade noch zuvor.

March 15, 4:23 pm: Star architect Vittorio Gregotti dies of coronavirus

Vittorio Gregotti ist tot. Der renommierte italienische Architekt und Designer ist nach einer Infektion mit dem Coronavirus im Alter von 92 Jahren in Mailand gestorben. Die Zeitung “Corriere della Sera” berichtete, Gregotti sei in einem Krankenhaus verstorben, in dem auch seine Frau Marina Mazza aktuell Patientin sei.

Bekannt geworden war Vittorio Gregotti insbesondere fur seine Werke in Mailands Bicocca-Viertel, fur das Olympiastadion von Barcelona, das neue Opernhaus in Aix-en-Provence und das Kulturzentrum Belem in Portugal. Er sei einer der “grobten Architekten” gewesen, schrieb Mailands Burgermeister Beppe Sala auf Twitter. Seine Stadt habe ihm viel zu verdanken.

15. Marz, 15.23 Uhr: Verleihung der Goldenen Himbeeren abgesagt

Die Verleihung der Hollywood-Schmahpreise ist aus Sorge vor einer weiteren Verbreitung des Coronavirus abgesagt worden. Bis zuletzt habe man noch gehofft, die Veranstaltung durchfuhren zu konnen. Da in Los Angeles dann aber Veranstaltungsorte mit mehr als 50 Sitzplatzen geschlossen wurden, habe man keinen Austragungsort mehr finden konnen. Wie es nun weitergehen soll, war zunachst nicht klar.

Die Goldenen Himbeeren wurden 1980 von dem Cineasten John Wilson als Gegenstuck zur glanzvollen Oscar-Verleihung ins Leben gerufen. Demnach stimmen mehr als 1.000 Mitglieder aus den USA und zwei Dutzend weiteren Landern ab. Die Nominierten bleiben der Witz-Show normalerweise fern. Im Februar hatten die Veranstalter angekundigt, dass in diesem Jahr das Filmmusical “Cats”, die Komodie “A Madea Family Funeral” und der Action-Streifen “Rambo: Last Blood” die meisten Nominierungen bekommen haben.

15. Marz, 13.30 Uhr: Motsi Mabuse schliebt Tanzschule

Gemeinsam mit ihrem Ehemann Evgenij Voznyuk betreibt “Let’s Dance”-Jurorin Motsi Mabuse eine Tanzschule im Taunus. Aufgrund der Verbreitung des Coronavirus hat sich das Paar nun dazu entschlossen, diese vorubergehend zu schlieben. Das verkunden die beiden uber eine Videobotschaft auf Instagram. Gleichzeitig erklaren sie aber auch, dass sie sich eine Notlosung uberlegt haben.

“Wir haben entschieden, dass wir weitertanzen werden. Und wir werden weitertanzen mit euch. Ab Dienstag machen wir euch einen Plan, wo ihr uberall in ganz Deutschland mit uns tanzen konnt”, erklart die fruhere Profitanzerin. Damit wollen sie den Menschen, die Zuhause bleiben mussen, auch eine Beschaftigungsmoglichkeit geben. Weitere Infos sollen noch verkundet werden.

15. Marz, 13.17 Uhr: Dreharbeiten auf dem “Traumschiff” pausieren

Die aktuelle Corona-Lage hat nun auch das “Traumschiff” lahmgelegt. Die Dreharbeiten auf dem Liebesdampfer mussen pausieren. Betroffen ist die Folge, die am 1. Januar 2021 ausgestrahlt werden soll. “Es ist geplant, den Dreh der Schiffsszenen fur die Folge ‘Das Traumschiff: Seychellen’ zu einem spateren Zeitpunkt nachzuholen”, teilte das ZDF mit.

14. Marz, 14.12 Uhr: Cathy Lugner wundert sich uber Hamsterkaufe

Cathy Lugner mochte sich von der aktuellen Panik um das neuartige Coronavirus nicht anstecken lassen. Die Ex-Frau von Bau-Mogul Richard Lugner ist von den Hamsterkaufen eher genervt: “Es gibt kein Obst, kein Gemuse und kein Brot mehr. Ich fand es echt ein bisschen heftig.” Sie selbst habe nichts eingekauft: “Ich werde es auch nicht machen. Ich habe keine Angst davor.”

13. Marz, 20.30 Uhr: Prinz Charles kampft mit neuer Corona-Etikette

Prinz Charles: Der 71-Jährige hatte Probleme mit der neuen Handschlag-Situation wegen des Coronavirus.  (Quelle: imago images / Matrix)Prinz Charles: Der 71-Jahrige hatte Probleme mit der neuen Handschlag-Situation wegen des Coronavirus. (Quelle: imago images / Matrix)

Das Coronavirus hat auch kuriose Auswirkungen. Jahrzehnte lang schuttelte Prinz Charles Hande. Now the 71-year-old suddenly has to do without it. Bei einem offentlichen Event traf der Thronfolger des Vereinigten Konigreichs viele Menschen, die er eigentlich mit einem festen Handedruck begrubt hatte.

Doch wegen der Gefahr der Ausbreitung des neuartigen Erregers, sollte Charles darauf lieber verzichten. Allerdings gelang dem Vater zweier Sohne das zunachst nur sehr schwer. Bei seinem Treffen mit Promis wie Pierce Brosnan streckte Prinz Charles zunachst immer wieder kurz seine Hand aus und zog sie dann ruckartig wieder zuruck, als ihm wohl einfiel, dass er auf einen Handschlag verzichten muss. Die skurrilen Szenen konnen Sie sich in unserem Video anschauen.

13. Marz, 7.20 p.m .: Laura Muller sitzt nach “Let’s Dance” in Deutschland fest

Michael Wendler und Laura Muller wollten nach der Teilnahme der 19-Jahrigen bei “Let’s Dance” eigentlich gemeinsam nach Florida fliegen. Ein 30-tagiges Einreiseverbot von EU-Burgern macht den beiden jetzt einen Strich durch die Rechnung.

13. Marz, 17:34 Uhr: Queen sagt alle Termine ab

Queen Elizabeth II. sagte aus Vorsicht und als Anpassung an die gegenwartige Situation alle offentlichen Termine der kommenden Woche ab.

13. Marz, 16.13 Uhr: Daniela Katzenberger erlebte bizarre Corona-Situation

Auch auf Mallorca zeigt das Coronavirus Auswirkungen. Daniela Katzenberger had a bizarre experience in a supermarket on the Spanish island.

13. Marz, 15.03 Uhr: Johannes B. Kerner infected with coronavirus

Nachdem er leichte Erkaltungssymptome verspurte, machte Johannes B. Kerner einen Covid-19-Test. Das Ergebnis uberraschte den TV-Entertainer. Jetzt ruft er zur Vorsicht auf.

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