UEFA: FPF to be well maintained


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Michel Uva, UEFA vice-president, announced that financial fair play will continue, despite the coronavirus crisis.

Jacques-Henri Eyraud

“The FPF and the control systems will be maintained, not frozen. They will not be canceled, even if adjustments will be possible to face the tsunami which is shaking the world and football. We will act with transparency and unity. We have made sacrifices in favor of European football, in particular economic football. UEFA has reservations to be flexible and to cope with the damage caused by the Covid-19 “, she said in the columns of Tuttosport.

“We have given priority to the championships”

She also indicated that the body was aware of the importance of the national championships: “We have given priority to the European championships, while keeping a window for the European cups. All the formulas are possible. We have not acted in a cheerful way by favoring the continental competitions.”

OM will therefore have no privilege regarding the application of the FPF. He can however hope that the 2019-2020 season will come to an end.

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