UK government to sell coronavirus testing kits on Amazon


Already mentioned by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the project to design tests for coronavirus tests could soon materialize. Sky News reports that millions of tests have been ordered and could be used soon, with no specific date yet.

Increase the number of tests

Coronavirus tests would be quite similar to pregnancy tests. They should be available on Amazon, but also in supermarkets like Boots – a UK chain dedicated to health and beauty. Sharon Peacock, director of the UK’s National Public Health Infection Service, says the tests will need to be validated this week before their availability on Amazon and elsewhere becomes current. So far, between 5,000 and 6,000 people are tested each day, a figure that could rise to 25,000 tests a day within four weeks with this method.

For the British government, these screening tests are promising and could significantly change the situation in the fight against the coronavirus. And for good reason, medical devices would be able to detect a patient’s COVID-19 antibodies. If the latter has it, it means that he already had the disease. Since it has been proven impossible to have the coronavirus twice, this means that the situation can only be better for people who got infected earlier. As a result, those who have passed the course of the disease could return to work, which would be a way to quickly revive the economy of the country.

The British Prime Minister announced on Monday a national confinement lasting at least three weeks. After more than 300 deaths on the territory, the country therefore joins many other states whose inhabitants have been confined for more or less long.

In France, confinement has been total for ten days, and if the French President has mentioned a duration of 15 days, there is a good chance that he will speak again soon to extend this unprecedented measure in France.

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