USA report the highest number of corona infections worldwide


US President Donald Trump continues to try to downplay the extent of the corona crisis in his country. However, the current figures are clear. According to US experts, the United States now has more known coronavirus infections than any other country. As of Thursday afternoon (local time), there were 82,400 known infections in the United States, almost double the number at the start of the week.
In China there are around 81,800 cases, in Italy around 80,600, according to an overview from the American Johns Hopkins University. There are now more than half a million confirmed infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus worldwide.

President Trump told White House journalists that the high number of confirmed infections in the U.S. is because so many tests are being carried out in the country. In other countries like China, you don’t know what the real numbers are, Trump said.

Experts believe that there are far more infections in many places than previously confirmed by tests. In the USA in particular, contrary to Trump’s assertion, there is a considerable backlog in the test program. From many parts of the country, doctors and hospital staff report bottlenecks in the supply of protective clothing, face masks and test kits.

In New York City in particular, which has become a hotspot for new infections, the situation in medical facilities is deteriorating dramatically. (Read an on-site report by SPIEGEL correspondent Marc Pitzke here).

Most of the deaths continue to be in Italy

Johns Hopkins has reported more than 1,100 deaths from Covid-19 lung disease in the United States. So far, more than 8,000 deaths have been registered for Italy and more than 3,000 for China. The website of the US researchers is regularly updated with incoming data and therefore generally shows a higher level of confirmed infections than the official figures of the World Health Organization.

The pandemic broke out in China at the end of last year and spread from there worldwide. However, the spread of the virus has slowed down there.
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