Val-de-Marne: refrigerated boxes for coronavirus deaths


Too many dead. And maybe soon enough room for the bodies. Refrigerated containers have been delivered in recent days to the Creteil (CHIC) and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (CHIC) hospitals to take care of people who have died of Covid-19.

At least three containers, according to our information. It is impossible for caregivers and patients not to notice the white boxes. Symbols of this pandemic killing faster than feared.

The management of the two hospitals confirms this, referring to “secure mobile mortuary rooms” installed “in order to be able to care for deceased patients of Covid-19 in acceptable conditions”.

At a time when, in Spain, the authorities decided to transform an ice rink into a morgue to store corpses, on a particularly dark day: 500 dead in 24 hours. The “least bad of possible solutions”, for the mayor of Madrid.

“We are waiting for masks and they are putting us in cold containers. It’s very violent ”

Nothing like this in France… where additional refrigerated containers are already installed. “It’s shocking,” said CGT Health representative of Val-de-Marne Barbara Filhol. We anticipate the dead while today, we have problems of caregivers who fall ill, of equipment which we lack. We have been waiting for masks for weeks. And we are put in refrigerated containers without warning. It’s very violent ”.

In Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, one of the containers was deposited just in front of the nursing home located in the hospital. Before being moved. “As everywhere in France, the families of the residents can no longer go there, fortunately otherwise they would have seen the containers arrive, you imagine? “Regrets the CGT representative. She nevertheless welcomed an “improvement in procedures” since the heat wave of 2003, her 15,000 deaths and these “bodies preserved in dramatic conditions”.

“The catastrophic state” of the Ehpad

The installation of the containers “corresponds to the compliant implementation of the White Plan in our group”, we explain to the management of CHIC and CHIV, who refers to “maximum security of the hospital circuit”.

In Creteil and Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, “medical hospitalization and resuscitation capacities have been considerably increased in order to devote entire units to patients affected by Covid-19″, specifies the management, which welcomes the ” exceptional work “of its healthcare teams” on the front line, mobilized day and night to save lives “.

“In our professions we try to maintain a dignified end of life”, recalls Barbara Filhol, who sounds the alarm on the “catastrophic state” of Ehpad. Regarding the two hospitals, which house one, she specifies that containers have been delivered “without shelves” and that they cannot therefore be used as they are. Asked to know if such containers were put in place in its buildings, the AP-HP, overwhelmed, returned to its different hospitals.

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