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VW is currently planning to restart production from April 6th. Works council chief Osterloh is skeptical about the schedule.

Because of the corona pandemic, there are also currently all Volkswagen locations in Germany the tapes silent. When the car manufacturer from Wolfsburg can start production again is currently uncertain. Works council chief Bernd Osterloh told IG Metall that no precise date is yet in sight. It is actually planned that production will start again on April 6th. According to Osterloh, VW is also dependent on the supplier industry in Italy.

Coronavirus: The summit has not yet been reached

Hello Lower Saxony

Professor Gerard Krause from the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research in Braunschweig expects the number of sufferers to increase still further. An interview.

Many suppliers based in northern Italy

Numerous suppliers are based in northern Italy – a region that is particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic. Since the beginning of the week, all companies in Italy that are not absolutely necessary to supply the country have been closed. The restrictions apply until April 3. However, the possibility of them being extended is not excluded. “You have to see how Italy is positioned and whether the borders are open,” said Osterloh. Perhaps it could also take until May before the entire company is started up again. Around 80,000 VW employees in Germany are currently on short-time work.

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Short-time work at VW: Short-time work is required for all German and European locations at least until April 3. Around 80,000 jobs at car manufacturers in Lower Saxony are affected. (25.03.2020)

Due to the spread of the corona virus, the car manufacturer Volkswagen has interrupted production in the German plants. The production stop is initially limited to two weeks. (20.03.2020)

Lower Saxony’s economy is threatened by the corona pandemic. The country therefore makes 4.4 billion available. The decision about the Abitur is postponed until Friday.

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