Washington Cathedral finds 5,000 protective masks in its crypt


, published on Thursday March 26, 2020 at 10:10 am

Washington Cathedral brought its share to the fight against the coronavirus on Wednesday by finding several thousand respiratory masks stored in its crypt.

The religious authorities announced that they had found more than 5,000 masks which had been bought several years ago to equip the priests, before being forgotten in the basement of the neo-Gothic cathedral which overlooks the American capital.

“The masks were bought over a decade ago, following a previous health crisis,” cathedral officials said in a statement.

“They were to allow members of the clergy to provide pastoral support without endangering their health,” they added.

After verification, around 3,000 still usable masks were donated to Georgetown University Hospital and 2,000 to Children’s National Pediatric Hospital in Washington.

The cathedral said it had kept a small number of masks for its clergy, just in case.

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