“We are at a pivotal moment, we need thousands of additional people to help the sick,” warns Martin Hirsch


The director general of Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals says that he now only has “three-day visibility”, as regards the ability to treat patients seriously affected by Covid-19. He launched an appeal, “All united against the virus”.

“Yesterday in Île-de-France, we passed the milestone of 1,000 serious patients treated in the intensive care units of hospitals”, Martin Hirsch, director general of public assistance – Paris hospitals (AP-HP), who, with the Fondation de France and the Pasteur Institute, said on Wednesday March 25 on franceinfo launches “All united against the virus”, a call for donations to support caregivers, researchers and the frail.

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“Yes, the teams are holding up, but they need four strong assurances. In my previous interventions, I knew before me that I had a visibility of one week on the capacity to take more. There, I have a three day visibility “Breathes the director general of the AP-HP.

First insurance requested by Martin Hirsch: to be able to put on a respirator for each serious patient, and quickly. “I don’t want us to know about the difficulties we have known about masks, because respirators save lives.”

The resuscitators, whom we met until late last night to identify our needs, told me that it was going to sting the eyes very hard … When they say that, it is that the situation is serious.Martin Hirschat franceinfo

Second request from the director of the AP-HP: more medical staff in hospitals to support the war effort. “We need all the teams, all the staff, whether they are volunteers or to call in requisitions. Today, technicians, doctors, nurses, work all the time. I don’t want to not that we are facing exhaustion “says Martin Hirsch.

We have to have the thousands of additional people we need to be with the patients, with the sick, with the seriously ill.Martin Hirschat franceinfo

For Martin Hirsch, the third point concerns recognition towards healthcare staff: “Today we have caregivers who make efforts that can be described as superhuman. Bonuses? I don’t know, but we need to say to them today ‘thank you’. . It’s moral, it’s for the morale of the troops. They need it. “

Fourth request: that the drugs are not “missing” within the AP-HP and that manufacturers and public authorities can coordinate as well as possible. “We will have to produce essential drugs and ensure supply. We are in a moment that we can qualify as a moment ‘hinge’, continues Martin Hirsch. I don’t want it to be a moment of rocking, what we call when we are in a difficult climb the ‘crux’, the moment when all the catches count not to tumble, not to break the mouth. “

We can do it, but those assurances must be there.Martin Hirschat franceinfo

“It’s more than a cry for help, loose Martin Hirsch. I say it with solemnity: so far, we are holding on, again. Some time ago, I could say: I see what will happen within a week. Here it is Wednesday. I know that for the next three days, it should be fine. But I do not want to end up this weekend with all those who make superhuman efforts, to tell them: we did not do everything, France did not do everything, the means to support you, helping you and giving you assurances was not enough. We can do it !”

The appeal for donations from
The call for donations from “All united against the virus”. (AP-HP / FONDATION DE FRANCE / INSTITUT PASTEUR)

The Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Institut Pasteur are launching “All united against the virus, a call for solidarity to help caregivers, researchers and the most vulnerable people. The donations collected will be used to help help healthcare workers, finance research projects and support field workers and associations working with the most vulnerable.

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